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PHOTO BOOK THAT GOES DEEPER •  GoSee Tip : great photography accompanied by just as great writing: 'Photo-wisdom. Great Photographers on their Work' published by Feymedia

Sometimes, pictures say more than a thousand words and the Süddeutsche Zeitung magazine supplement has created a whole column dedicated to those words of wisdom. On the other hand, we enjoy reading a couple of words accompanying the pictures, so as to provide them with some background information. Lewis Blackwell and the Feymedia publishing house dug deeper and selected 50 exciting photographers of our time to tell some truths. 'Photo-Wisdom' captures wisdom through pictures and provides answers.

The picture book features icons of photography including Albert Watson, Andrew Zuckerman, David LaChapelle, Nadav Kandar and Tim Walker, as well as award-wining photographic journalists, aloof artists and celebrity photographers.

For example, portrait photographer Platon, who managed to capture a crying Ozzy Osbourne and still wishes he could photograph George W. Bush one day. For his Hope & Fear series, Philiip Toledano dressed a man in a suit made of baby puppets of various skin colours to illustrate the desires and fears of American people. His biggest wish is to journey into outer space, taking his camera with him of course.

The comprehensive book offers a new glimpse into the variety of contemporary photography. Techniques and philosophies are explained and discussed with many of the amazing photographers. They share their visions, challenges, motivation and modus operandi in their own words and let us look at the world through their lens.

This collection of photographic wisdom, spread across 216 pages, is out now.

Große Fotografen über ihr Werk

Lewis Blackwell
216 Pages, German, 49 Euro
ISBN: 978-3-941459-13-7

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