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GoSee BOOK RECOMMENDATION •  GoSee Tip : The Upside of Down - a book by Eva Snoijink

Renowned Dutch photographer Eva Snoijink’s book, titled “de Upside van Down” comprises 101 portraits of children with Down’s  Syndrome and provides an insight of the lives of those affected.

The book also presents how some are less affected than others. The times when “disabled people” or even people that were apparently different were locked away have slowly but surely come to an end. Which is just what this book presents – without shying away from the shadows. The book depicts children who are both a part of life and are very much enjoying it.

Eva on the idea behind the book : "I came up with the idea when I had Pien with DS in my studio. Finding the children was like a flow, I knew a girl with DS "Eva" at the school were my boys go to and asked her mum if I could take her picture. I did not really know what I was going to do with these photographs, the idea of a book came after I had shot about 12 children. Eva’s mum knew more children and in the end, the whole of Down Holland had heard from me.

I worked for more than two years on the book. The book has been given to all gynaecologists in Holland and midwives, to be put in the waiting room for everyone who's pregnant to have a positive look at down syndrome. Because of the test that are given to all pregnant woman to see how big the chance is the child has ds. Now I am working on getting the book to go to England!"

The book is available across Holland and can be internationally ordered on www.bol.com, more photos can be viewed on the BOOK’s website. Eva’s portfolio can be viewed on www.fluitekruidje.nl

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