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GET INSPIRED BY •  Inge Grognard. Ronald Stoops. What's love got to do with it? Retrospective of contemporary fashion photography in a book.

The Inge Grognard and Ronald Stoops team functions both professionally and privately. Inge the make-up artist and Ronald the photographer.

Both earned their early laurels in the vicinity of the Antwerp Six, the Belgian design conglomerate. Their groundbreaking work has been featured in almost all fashion magazines and contributed to the questioning and redefining of the already frail fine line between fashion photography and art.

Their first book publication documents their sensitive treatment of the respective subject. The surprising bit – the works feature theatrics, strong effects and unexpected curiosities. Praise be to the artists who still manage to make sure their imagery doesn’t come across as crude or cheap.

An ideal present for all creative people who always have their eyes wide open.

Inge Grognard / Ronald Stoops
Ludion Publishers
30,5 x 24 cm, 192 pp.
English, 39.90 EUR