08.03.2017  •  Shop NEWS


Modern everyday design with a Tradition. Die &TRADITION Kampagne 2017 - Fotos Sacha MARIC c/o BLINK

'Craft meets art. Function meets form. Material meets potential.' This is also true of the new 2017 campaign of Danish design institution &TRADITION, photographed by Sacha MARIC c/o BLINK. The company &tradition was founded in 2010 with the consciously chosen principle of 'tradition tied to innovation'. On the website we learn : “Our unique library of furniture and lighting spans from the 1930s to the present day and comprises designs by internationally renowned designers.” And a quote from CEO Kornbek Hansen on the contemporary designers they represent: “All of our designers have a unique vision, and their designs have the capacity to reach people in their everyday lives.” Go & See:  andtradition.com