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MAGAZINE •  ProfiFoto : Canon Profifoto Award 11/2 - visions brought to life

The second round of this year’s Canon-ProfiFoto newcomer award has been decided. The five candidates are Jennifer Endom, Annegret Hulsch, Julien Pebrel, Nina Weymann-Schulz as well as the team of four, Oliver Kaye, Nicolas Droessel, Diar Nedamaldeen and Markus Brönner.

The >Canon Profifoto Förderpreis< – in short: CPFP – is a biannual award that supports newcomer photographers to realise their visions. Potential photographers under 30 can apply for the CPFP with their ideas for pictures and samples of their work. The five winners, who are chosen by a jury, will be rewarded both 10,000 Euro and other prizes to help them bring the pictures and visions in their head to reality.

Approx. 200 newcomer talents followed the call of the competition round 11/2. Even though the majority of applicants stem from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, some photographers from the USA, France, Portugal, Turkey, Latvia and even Mongolia also took part in the competition.

It is worth noting the high degree of submitted student works, which made up over 50 percent of the entries. Most of the submissions came from students at Hannover and Dortmund colleges. So, it does not come as a surprise that one or more winners come from these very educational institutions.

For example, Annegret Hultsch, who submitted her ‘Microbus Deluxe’ final major project and seeks to extend the series by means of the newcomer award. The photographer uses CGI to combine the aesthetic of an untouched landscape and perfect industrial design. Yet, both of which retain their intrinsic contradictive nature in regards to each other.

All awarded works will be published in ProfiFoto once they are finished. All the works that have been awarded since 2006 are can be viewed in the gallery at http://www.profifoto.de/canon-profifoto-foerderpreis/gewinnergalerien. Furthermore, the winning projects from between 07/01 and 10/02 were released as a book by Blurb and can be downloaded as a free iPhone app. The call for proposals for the 12/1 competition is scheduled to take place soon.