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MAGAZINE •  Slanted #17 : new large format issue dedicated to cartoon and comic narrative , atom bomb experiments, photographic journals and photo stories

Slanted #17 – Cartoon / Comic – the most recent issue of the graphics magazine is dedicated to this particular kind of narrative and its typographic peculiarities from the first to the last page.

Furthermore, the first Slanted Magazine of 2012 shows off the recent facelift. A new oversize format, 16 pages more as well as a streamlined structure, content and layout create more room for projects and design.

Ken Johnston from Corbis (New York) has delved deep into the archives and discovered a grotesque photography story about nuclear experiments in a patriotically charged world – Doom Town, a gloomy comic and a slice of life.

Patrick Tsai (Tokyo) keeps a photography diary – Talking Barnacles is a narrative in pictures, accompanied by a selection of very personal texts.

The Slanted Team is delighted to present numerous interesting essays and reports: Motorscapes Landscapes – About the typography in Alexander Negrelli's visual literature (Berlin), beloved and hated: Comic Sans by Rieke C. Harmsen (Munich), Manga & Graphic Design, Hands On and Where the Wild Things Were by Ian Lynam (Tokyo), PAT! BON! DOKAAAN! - A storm of typography and onomatopoeia in Asian visual narratives by Steffen Zillig and Sohyun Jung (Hamburg), Something like Max & Moritz – about the inventor of the comic by Tim Eckhorst (Kiel), a very subjective and casual comics overview from Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY 11222 by Paul Hoppe (Brooklyn NY), Survival is possible by Michael Schmidt (Munich) as well as Sans Comique by Frank Wiedemann (Berlin).

The magazine features interviews with Nora Krug (Brooklyn NY), Dirk Rehm (Berlin), Alessio Leonardi (Berlin), Fred Smijers (Antwerp) and Matthew Carter (Cambridge) offering insights into their private and professional environments.

Even the new magazine's look has clearly been influenced by the world of comics. The eight-page fold-out cover is of a flashing red and green. The readers' opinions regarding the redesign of the weblog (www.slanted.de) is discussed in the magazine as well.

Slanted Magazin #17
Cartoon / Comic

Publisher: MAGMA Brand Design
Release: 22.03.2012
Content: 164 Pages
Format: 24 × 32 cm
Language: English, Deutsch