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On the traces of power and the concerns of maintaining power - 130 presidents, revolutionaries and dictators united in a photo book

Portraits of World Leaders presents 130 presidents, prime ministers and revolutionaries portrayed by British photographer Platon Antoniou (*1968). Platon developed his very own photographic style for this project, which provides a comparative look at the pictures, the traces of power and the concerns of maintaining power.

In 2008, the New York-based portrait specialist was awarded the first prize of the World Press Photo Contest for his photograph of Wladimir Putin. Commissioned by the NEW YORKER and in cooperation with its political editor David Remnick, one of the most renowned journalists in the USA, Platon developed his ‘power’ project, which presents us with motifs of the contemporary face of power.

A logistical tour de force, Platon managed to get the political leaders of 130 member states of the UN in front of his camera: elected presidents, prime ministers and heads of state, side by side with dictators and revolutionaries.

Photographs by Platon
with an essay by David Remnick
192 pages, 110 pictures in
colour and duotone
ISBN 978-3-8296-0532-8
EUR 34.-, EUR (A) 35.-, sFr 48.90