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Shop • 'Ocean of Cloud – Alpine Fluchten' – a visually stunning book about the beauty and fragility of the Alps, appearing at Sieveking Publishing; vernissage & book presentation on 17 July in Munich

10.07.2019 • “Without wind and weather, the only device left to photography is its innermost poetry,” photographer Sammy Hart tells us. To escape his everyday urban routine, the portrait photographer Sammy Hart takes regular trips to the Alps – for him a retreat when he is overcome by a desire to trade indoors for out. It is where the daily grind is gladly replaced by nature's adventures. Similar to his portrait photos, he explores the unique character of these millennia-old stone eminences in his mountain photos.

They are staged from white and silver to anthracite, black or even polychrome: dramatic light moods, abrupt weather changes, rugged cliffs, narrow paths, the ultimate joy of reaching the summit ... moments of solitude, poetic images, full of beauty and grandeur – always with open eye for the environmental realities of our time, such as climate change, crowded trails and eroded ski slopes.

For many years, Sammy Hart has worked as a renowned photographer for magazines, advertising agencies and publishers in the areas of fashion, lifestyle or reportage.

Titus Arnu is a writer...

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Shop • GoSee Book Tip : 'Iris Apfel – Accidental Icon. Style is Not a Question of Age', appearing at Midas Collection with fresh bon mots and eccentric styles by the New York-based interior designer, entrepreneur and style icon

10.07.2019 • With the very entertaining read 'Iris Apple: Style is not a question of age', Midas Collection gives us an in-depth look at the 97-year-old style icon through photos and quotations in a handy, reader-friendly format. Iris Apfel became known especially in the US through her appearances on the Internet and TV and was the subject of Director Albert Maysles' documentary 'Iris'. The American style icon became famous internationally for her extravagant public appearances and is revered for her age. She meanwhile has a broad fan base here in Germany and uses Instagram as a platform for her everyday fashion, designs her own pieces of furniture, and even has her own Barbie doll. Embracing the credo: 'More is more, and less is a bore'.

At the beginning of her career, she worked for Women's Wear Daily, interior designer Elinor Johnson, and illustrator Robert Goodman. In 1948, she married Carl Apfel (1914-2015), with whom she founded the textile company Old World Weavers in 1950, where she worked until her retirement in 1992. During this time, she also had contracts with the White House...

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Shop • Stephan ABRY and Winnie PLACZKO, both c/o AK/KRUSE, photograph for Hamburg-based luxury handbag label STIEBICH & RIETH

08.07.2019 • Stephan ABRY c/o AK/KRUSE photographed and Winnie styled for Stiebich & Rieth’s S/S 2019 collection. Together, they visited the funfair in Hamburg to create this colorful campaign for the designers’ eponymous label.

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Shop • BIRKENSTOCK x Il Dolce Far Niente - photos by Winnie PLACZKO c/o AK/KRUSE

08.07.2019 • Winnie Placzko styled Birkenstock x Dolce Far Niente, the brands collaboration with hotelier Marie–Louise Sciò. The collection is inspired by the heritage of her family's iconic Tuscan retreat, Il Pellicano. The still lifes were photographed by Peter Langer.

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