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Shop • Listen UP – RANKIN presents the 17th issue of his HUNGER magazine featuring the likes of River Gallo, Celeste, Akala, Stephen Graham, and many, many more

26.11.2019 •

“At HUNGER, we think that hell yes, you can be a magazine like ours and still hunger for content with a serious message. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. As climate catastrophe looms, and politicians steer our world towards crisis, it’s a time when speaking up for what you believe in is more vital than ever. So we brought together the actors, activists and musicians who are pushing for the positive change we need to see. This issue’s collaborators all have a message – they all want change. We asked them what they had to say, and we listened. We’d like to think our readers are listening with us.” HUNGER Magazine, November 2019

For the latest issue RANKIN photographed no less than all four cover stars. River Gallo, Celeste, Akala and actor Stephen Graham present on GoSee grant readers a glimpse into the matters close to their hearts. We quote:

· River Gallo – writer-director and star of ‘Ponyboi’ talks about intersex rights.

· Akala – the writer and rapper shares his thoughts on the responsibilities that come with having a public platform.

· Stephen Graham – fresh from the release of...

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Shop • A good answer is the result of the right question - Yves BACHMANN c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS photographs for Swiss accessories label QWSTION

26.11.2019 •

QWSTION stands for sustainable and flexible solutions for personal mobility. In its Zurich studio, the label develops products between fashion and function – durable and practical companions that make life easier. Yves BACHMANN c/o VISUALEYES photographed the fashion reportage for QWSTION. GoSee:

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Shop • Rwanda showed us how it’s done! – the Slanted Special ‘Rwanda’ is out now !

11.11.2019 • When the Slanted team found out about a project showcasing Rhineland-Palatinatean design in Rwanda – and the other way around, they wanted to take a look at the up-and-coming creative scene there themselves to find out more.

And when they traveled to Rwanda in February 2019, the country impressed them in many ways: Plastic bags? They are absolutely prohibited there since 2004. Environmental management is being decentralized from the political to the local level, leading to a widespread understanding of how to preserve the environment. On the last Saturday of each month, for example, it is the duty of every citizen to clean up the streets.

Since this year, no more old clothes from the West are allowed to be imported to Rwanda – which has managed to create around 25,000 new jobs and a flourishing textile industry. Rwanda showed us how it’s done!

The Slanted special issue ‘Rwanda’ now presents a few outstanding personalities as well as many good stories besides a bit of design eye-candy. It was supported by descom Designforum Rhineland-Palatinate and the Partnership...

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Shop • The Coup opens the market for exclusive real estate projects in Athens and presents Nireos on GoSee: iconic architecture on the Athens Riviera

05.11.2019 • Nireos by Estia Development is located in Voula on the Athens Riviera, one of the most prestigious and coveted regions in Athens, Greece. The three-part apartment building is based on the concept of a glass house. This maintains transparency and the volume does not appear solid. The aim of the design is for the slabs to appear light. Perforation through organic atria in critical locations allows fresh air and natural lighting to penetrate the building.

Water plays a vital role in the design process, views open directly onto the sea with pools and ponds seamlessly integrated on each floor. The water and mirrors reflect light and the organic forms of the building. The mirrors are used to open up and liberate space. The reflections, the form and the environment all work as parts of one bigger synthesis.

The Coup opens the market for exclusive real estate projects in Athens – a city just ahead of a hype. Find out more under

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Shop • NIKA AKIN, ANDRE KOENIG, ERHARDT SZAKACS – this fall, new ARTISTS have opened their own GOSEE SHOPS

05.11.2019 • Illustration, nude, transportation – with NIKA AKIN, ANDRE KOENIG and ERHARDT SZAKACS, we are delighted to present you no less than three new artists and their GoSeeSHOPs on GoSee.

ABOUT – GOSEE SHOP now offers members the opportunity to buy and sell works in their very own GoSee Shops – whether photography, illustrations, art, books, … for editorials, campaigns, your office, your store or at home: GO & BUY the artwork of your dreams either as a digital download, print product or even as a fine art print. The SHOPS are managed from a to z by each and every artist personally – GoSee only provides the platform. So with each purchase, you support the selling artist directly and – who knows – will perhaps start your career as an art collector. GoSee.SHOP

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