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Shop • Tim Grupp and his four-legged companion – personal work by Tobias WIRTH c/o TOBIAS BOSCH Fotomanagement

29.07.2020 • Tobias WIRTH c/o TOBIAS BOSCH produced a personal spread with model Tim Grupp and a four-legged companion with outdoor/country flair. Tim Grupp is represented by Modelwerk in Hamburg and Next in Los Angeles. Production took place while still under lockdown so they did without a crew. Tobias Wirth: “It was not bad at all for the atmosphere.”

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Shop • WILDFOX RUNNING NEW entry Barbara OTT presents you her personal work ‘Spin Bottle’ on GoSee

21.07.2020 • “The work of newcomer Barbara Ott deals in her unique way with queer and political issues such as portraits and femininity. Thanks to her strong authentic style, she is often commissioned by American magazines such as the New York Times and The New Yorker but also for German publishing houses and clients. Here with a personal spread entitled ‘Spin Bottle’.” WILDFOX RUNNING.

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Shop • CALL FOR ENTRIES ! FREISTIL THE BIBLE OF ILLUSTRATION # 7 / 2020, to be released in November 2020 at publishing house Hermann Schmidt – so please apply now, deadline is 31 July, 2020

17.07.2020 • FREISTIL has been accompanying the renaissance of illustration for nearly 20 years and offers illustrators a high-quality platform. It showcases illustrative diversity and power, scouts new talents and presents the latest work of the stars of the scene. FREISTIL raises issues and addresses the topics that affect the scene. It also serves as the starting block for a number of illustrators’ careers. And for some art directors, FREISTIL saves the day: It’s where they’re guaranteed to find the look they want.

Raban Ruddigkeit: “Three years after the last issue, we will release FREISTIL 7 in fall 2020 featuring the best illustrators in the business and thrilling essays on the role of illustration in the media and communication sector and the role of the illustrator in an ever-changing society.”

THE JURY – to ensure a professional selection of illustrators, this year’s jury consists of: Esra Gülmen, Frank Höhne and Joni Majer. The editorial office, i.e. the jury, editor and publishing company, reserves the right not to include contributions which do not fulfill the quality standards of...

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Shop • Freedom, friendship and fun – experiencing the real world together – FRANK KAYSER presents you his project straight from the heart: the R-Book on GoSee

16.07.2020 • The straightjacket in our heads can be pretty stubborn for some of us and is fed every single day, often without us even noticing. Just how things appear, thanks to advertising and films, is often oversimplified and streamlined until they’re so many facets and dimensions weaker than genuine reality. Girls pink, boys blue.

For the R-Book, FRANK KAYSER and his team followed the members of the notorious Californian Porsche vintage car club, R-Gruppe, over the course of 15 months. He came home with a collection of wonderful photos depicting the lives of this motley group of members. The club is a who’s who across all social classes in California. What matters here is who you are and not what you have. Freedom is lived and breathed, individuality is never questioned. You make your own decisions: What do you want to look like? How green is your lifestyle? What makes you happy? You want to rebuild and tune your old Porsche by yourself? Cool. You don’t need a manual here, no golf club, no trophy wife, ... the less rules, the better in the the land of opportunity.

FRANK KAYSER: “For many...

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Shop • Jeroen VAN DER SPEK c/o STILLSTARS photographs for COULEUR LOCALE, styling by Cleo Scheulderman

13.07.2020 • STILLSTARS: “Home... Jeroen VAN DER SPEK’s long-standing collaboration with stylist Cleo SCHEULDERMAN, also c/o STILLSTARS, has honed their unmistakable vision of this harbor we all seek. The duo has understandably become one of Europe’s most sought-after interior specialists. Client: Couleur Locale.”

Couleur Locale is a trendy shop where things are crafted with love and attention. A blend of vintage and design from all corners of the globe, a unique collection of must-haves for yourself, for your home, or as a gift... GoSee:

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