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Viva Models : Ads, hot faces and new entries

NADINE Lohof has been working for LABELLO in Hamburg, was in Kiev for the next NIVEA ad, as well as for a Y3 internet commercial in Frankfurt/Main, booked by Häberlein & Maurer. She can currently be seen in three ads on German TV: BALISTO, OTTO and IN TOUCH are only too aware of how good she looks on screen – and no wonder! ;-) !! Here are some news and publications on our fashion upcoming stars JANA: She was chosen by Satoshi for CRYSTALIZE for the cover of the Russian VOGUE, Alex Cailey booked her with pleasure for the Spanish HARPERS BAZAAR, she also opened the CHANEL couture show in Delhi and posed on the catwalk for AGENT PROVOCATEUR and MICHEL KLEIN in Paris. In London she showed off her slim legs for MARGRET HOWEL, in Milan for PHILOSOPHY and VALENTINO RED. Hopefully we’ll have the publications from D´REPUBLICA in the next GoSee newsletter, the Italian VOGUE, British ELLE and just for a change, something from Germany again – for magazine AMICA. THOMAS Kiupel modelled in Shanghai for CHANEL and for GUCCI in Singapore, Shanghai, Bejing & Hong Kong. He also appeared on the cover of STYLE MEN, the cover of NUYOU TIME and INSIDE STORY. DOREEN was photographed for IO DONNA by Roberto Mansotti over three days in Frankfurt. HELEN Doherty was in front of the campaign for FREUNDIN, for the TV ad, as well as for the print campaign. She can also be seen in STYLE AND THE FAMILY TUNES. The production took place with colleague NORA, who was also portrayed for SPORT & STREET, this time together with SANDRINA, also of course c/o Viva. She was also photographed for GLANZ with Franziska Knuppe, shot by Christian Hoppe. STEPHAN and DIANA Chen were photographed for MYKITA by Otello Annigoni in Berlin. And there are two especially fine new recruits: LAURA from Berlin, who is a sweet 15 years young and RECEP, who is in the process of building up his portfolio in Paris and Bangkok.