23.08.2016  •  Agencies NEWS


NEW : Taylor James, Creative Production Studio, from London & New York – first works for CANON, FORD, JACK DANIEL’S and NISSAN on GoSee... and as an exhibitor at UPDATE16BERLIN

We are delighted to welcome TAYLOR JAMES, a worldwide leading creative production studio, as a new GoSee member. As an integrated production studio, the team with offices in London and New York combines conecpt design, CGI, photo & film, animation, VFX, and post production to deliver high-end visuals for global campaigns for both advertising agencies and brands. “We bring ideas to life, from concept to completion, across all media channels, for maximum creative and strategic impact. Our creative leads consult with our clients to develop intelligent production solutions.” Here on GoSee, we bring you new works... And meet the team in person at UPDATE16BERLIN on 30 September, 2016.

At the beginning of the year, Taylor James launched the TAYLOR JAMES AUTOMOTIVE GROUP, a division offering automotive clients the skills of dedicated creative leads and senior artists with the perfect background to cover all disciplines. “The specialized group delivers 360 productions using live-action, photography, VFX and CGI assets to create industry-leading photorealism. We have adapted our knowledge across sectors and developed a pipeline specifically tailored to the needs of our automotive clients,” Glen Taylor, CEO of Taylor James, tells GoSee. “The logical next step is to unify the expertise under the Automotive Group to give our clients the best work in a shorter amount of time, whilst bringing the financial costs down.” The division is under the executive of Keith Jeffery: “Our expertise in CGI has led to an increasing number of automotive projects. When CGI is combined with VFX, we can create stunning visuals with unlimited potential. I am looking forward to offering our clients a team of specialized experts.”