06.09.2016  •  Advertising NEWS


'A different side of food.' The QIFF aka Qatar International Food Festival - print motifs and a spot by the TAYLOR JAMES post production specialists for you GoSee


Qatar International Food Festival

Advertising Agency: TBWA/RAAD
CGI: Taylor James

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TAYLOR JAMES was commissioned to realize the very fist print campaign and the TV commercial of the 'Qatar International Food Festival'. We have an original statement from the London-based agency for you here on GoSee: “TBWA/RAAD came to us to create the visual content for their print and TVC campaign to launch the Qatar International Food Festival (QIFF). With the festival dates confirmed for only four weeks from start of production, we had a great challenge ahead of us! A combination of photography integrated with CGI was used to create this delightful stylized animation brimming with delicious food from around the world.

Originally we were asked to do the photography for 35 talents, but due to time constraints, we had to think of a quicker creative solution, still keeping in line with the brief. We held a 1-day photo shoot to capture the hand and the chef in the first frames and built the rest entirely in CGI. We created a whole miniature world with 3D characters, in which we modeled 117 characters, posed them within the 3D environment and, most importantly, made them smile! At the heart of the campaign is about the variety of food, the exact food items on all the plates have been modeled to high detail – zoom into see for yourself...:”

About - Qatar International Food Festival. Discover a different side of food at Qatar International Food Festival! Join us for a culinary extravaganza at three locations this year: MIA Park, Katara and The Pearl-Qatar. Taste the world amidst a festive atmosphere full of flavors, unique dining options, celebrity chefs' entertainment, competitions, and activities for the whole family… only at QIFF 2016! qifoodfestival.com