10.09.2016  •  Post NEWS


'No Place for Missuse' - TWENTYFOUR-7 post-produces the UBSKM-campaign on the sensitive topic in fully CGI

Paper art is a special way of working with paper. It is particularly defined by the haptic characteristics of the material. That is what makes the UBSKM campaign “No room for abuse” of TWENTY FOUR which was realized in full CGI all the more impressive. UBSKM stands for “Independent Representative on Questions of Child Sexual Abuse”. The sensitive issue required an equally sensitive and authentic, topic-related realization of the motifs from the creative agency Ballhaus West. “The motifs look like they were constructed completely for real and then photographed, and the important factor haptics seems palpable.” TWENTY FOUR-7 tells GoSee – we say: See for yourself! beauftragter-missbrauch.de