01.03.2017  •  Production NEWS


First Productions : Production of the campaign for OAKLEY PRIZM with photographer Carlo Miari Fulcis in South Africa

FIRST PRODUCTIONS supported the sports shoot with photographer Carlo Miari Fulcis for the client OAKLEY PRIZM. OAKLEY PRIZM is based on a new revolutionary glass technology which dramatically enhances contrast and visibility over a wide range of light conditions. With precision fine-tuning for individual wave lengths of the light spectrum, PRIZM provides enhanced eyesight. Nuances which would otherwise be missed by the eye alone are thus made visible.

Styling of the campaign was in the hands of Lindi Nieuwoudt, with hair by Alice Coloriti and grooming by Alice Coloriti. We present three motifs here on GoSee. The team from FIRST PRODUCTIONS is presently working on productions for ZALANDO, LUFTHANSA, L'OFFICIEL and WIENERIN, and further details are coming soon.