20.04.2017  •  Celebrity NEWS


JIMMY CHOO Spring/Summer 2017 collection, presents Hollywood actress Dakota Fanning, photographed by Lauren DUKOFF c/o GIANT ARTISTS

In the blossoming botanical garden in Los Angeles, Hollywood actress Dakota Fanning presented her favorite items from the Spring/Summer collection 2017 from JIMMY CHOO. After 17 years in the film industry, Dakota is used to walking the red carpet. She knows exactly which accessories and shoes she likes. She was photographed by Lauren DUKOFF c/o GIANT ARTISTS.

“There are so many things I would still like to do,” she laughs during the Jimmy Choo photo shoot. “I will soon film my first TV series, and I am so excited. I watch TV often and was very inspired by the topic of the series. It is such a great chance for me to develop a character role over a long period of time. Theater is also something I have never done, but absolutely have to do. I am aware that theater would be a particular challenge for me.” 

The complete interview and more impressions from the shoot are available from JIMMY CHOO, and more from Lauren DUKOFF is available on GoSee and via GIANT ARTISTS.