16.05.2017  •  Photographers NEWS


Still life specialist Justin FANTL c/o GIANT ARTISTS presents the LG campaign, creations for The Atlantic and Golf Digest, plus his projects 'SSENAV' & 'Desert Relics' on GoSee

“Justin Fantl shot the latest LG campaign promoting the new G6 smartphone. Werewolf not included. He worked with magazines like The Atlantic and Golf Digest, and his promo was featured in PDN magazine as one of “5 Promos That Work”. He also had time to build his personal portfolio with his latest projects, SSENAV and Desert Relics.

Justin Fantl’s latest personal project, SSENAV, feels like an homage to 20th-century painters, but his photos are a marriage of just three simple elements: paper, clay, and flowers. He relates his process to jazz, improvising within a context, and tries not to overthink it. The result? A striking, fluid conversation of otherwise unassuming materials.”