07.06.2017  •  Events NEWS


GoSeeAWARDS 2017 is looking forward to your submissions ! The race is now on in eight categories. Deadline: 1 September, 2017

GoSeeAWARDS – is once again the opportunity in 2017 for creatives to present their projects, works, mini-portfolios, ... all online to a top-notch jury. And at GoSee, we are leaving no holds barred and are pulling all strings to put together such a jury. Because if success is the desired finale – then the GoSee Awards will be the starting block each & every young creative is looking for!

So among our jury stars in 2017, we have uber-creative Vicky Lawton, Director and Creative Director of The Full Service London and Executive Creative Director of Hunger magazine, to whom we will soon introduce you in an interview and with her film work on GoSee. Vicky just won the 'Creative Circle Award for Best Up-And-Coming Female Commercial Film Director 2017'. At the edge of your seat yet? You should be!