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'Group Therapy' Mrs. Dash Sends Salt Shakers Packing - the animated commercial from Taylor James in cooperation with Resource/Ammirati


TAYLOR JAMES for Mrs. Dash Sends Salt Shakers Packing

Director: Robert Boocheck (Honor Society)
Client: Mrs. Dash
Advertising Agency: Resource/Ammirati
Creative Director: Nicole Zizila, Steven Zizila
Post Prod. / VFX: Taylor James

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Taylor James and Resource/Ammirati teamed up to realize an animated spot for MRS. DASH (B&G Foods) – a popular salt-free blend of spices, which they present on GoSee: “We worked with Resource/Ammirati who dreamed up a fun world for Mrs. Dash’s new spot, “Group Therapy”. Our artists across disciplines combined their skills to bring the story to life and teamed up with Honor Society’s Robert Boocheck, who directed the live action. The high drama of the animation juxtaposed with the low-key feeling of the live-action scenes creates a fun and comedic tone to the story and an accessible sense of humor that any family can relate to...”

The agency on the commercial: “Salt shakers everywhere should fear for their future. After years of flying under the radar, B&G Foods has reintroduced the Mrs. Dash brand through a fully integrated TV, digital and social campaign. The salt-free seasoning pioneer Mrs. Dash has had a decades-long relationship with health-conscious consumers. Insights showed that diet-conscious shoppers often look for alternative ways to enjoy the same flavors of the foods they love while reducing salt intake. With the help of Resource/Ammirati, the brand’s latest campaign focuses on a single brand truth: Mrs. Dash allows consumers to eat a vibrant variety of healthy foods without making flavor sacrifices, and it remains 100% salt-free. Incorporating this messaging into its latest TV, digital and social media campaigns, the brand encourages health-focused shoppers to “Ditch the Salt” and send those porcelain shakers packing for good...”