11.06.2017  •  Photographers NEWS


'Don’t blame me for' portrait series with Misfit Models by Joachim BALDAUF c/o AGENTUR NEUBAUER for LEICA S MAGAZIN

"Don’t Blame Me For…" is a portrait series by Joachim BALDAUF c/o AGENTUR NEUBAUER, who staged the beauty of models beyond the usual stereotype. All of which are at the Berlin-based agency Misfit Models, and the spread was published in LEICA S MAGAZINE. “Just as important as the actual photography is the concept. As of recently, I work a lot with text, which is why the motifs from “Don’t Blame Me For…” are the logical consequence. I got support on the the texts from Barbara Neubauer and Birgit Schwarz from the agency Neubauer. Typography was designed by Agnes Feckl from Printkultur,” the photographer and lecturer tells us in an interview about the project.