23.06.2017  •  Events NEWS


The GoSeeAWARDS are waiting for your creative submissions in eight categories again in 2017 – and GoSee has the four best reasons in the world why you just have to be a part of it !

There are a lot of AWARDS meanwhile in the area of photography – so, we are often asked: Why participate in the GoSeeAWARDS? Here is our answer:

If you participate in the GoSeeAWARDS, your work is examined by top creatives from very different perspectives and areas. Our GoSeeAWARDS jury is not only made up of art buyers or art producers (we love them!), but creatives from all areas. Whether editors, creation, publishers, star photographers, top directors, ... At GoSee, we put together a hand-picked jury every year that takes the time to examine your work. PORTFOLIO viewing doesn't get any better than this.

If you make it into our FINAL round – round two that is – your work will be on display on the GoSeeAWARDS website for a whole year. The winning works will also be presented on GoSee and sent to more than 150,000 creatives around the world via our (in)famous Creative NEWSLETTER. Not the worst career boost for sure!

Thirdly, and in our opinion, a very important reason: The GoSeeAWARDS do not coincide with our annual GoSee event UPDATE for nothing. It’s where plenty of top agents and agencies come together who are always on the look out for talent. A great deal of our award winners find an agency for the first time, backed by the award. And if it doesn’t work out immediately – our NEWS (see reason number two) go out to almost every agent in the creative world – they too recognize talent when they see it.

And FOURTH – it’s – drum roll, here comes the magic word – FREE! So make an account, log in, upload your works and show us what you got! Deadline is 31 August, 2017. So, if we may give you a tip: Register right here and now: GoSee.de/register