05.07.2017  •  Events NEWS


Gigant Print Works Bildproduktion produces the XXL prints of the exhibition 'Up Close: Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel' in the World Trade Center Oculus in New York

In New York, thirty-four nearly life-size copies of Michelangelo's frescoes from the Sistine Chapel in Rome are now on display. The exhibition take's place from 23 June to 23 July, 2017, at the WTC in New York. GoSee member Gigant Print Works created and finalized the pictures by the Renaissance Master in portrait format. The XXL prints were created in cooperation with SEE INC. and WESTFIELD. “It allows our visitors and our audience to experience the artwork as close-up as Michelangelo got to see it,” says Scott Sanders, Creative Head of Global Entertainment, Westfield. We have the photos here on GoSee, and NYDAILYNEWS has a detailed report.

“GIGANT printed in Berlin and sent the frames by air freight. We are talking about aluminum keder rails with a reinforced interior for LED displays. The displays are actually illuminated with a maximum format of 500 cm x 500 cm. Some of which are arranged as a diamond, pentagon, trapezoid and triangle. We realized the project incl. CAD illustration and consulting within three months,” the team from GIGANT tells GoSee.

GIGANT PRINT WORKS produces high-class & high-end prints in all formats and for large-scale exhibitions, presentations, hotels etc. “Since all of us at the helm of the company Gigant are all professional photographers, we share the love of photography and its best reproduction. But we still pay close attention to techniques such as UV direct plate printing, large-format banner production via latex and solvent inks, sublimation printing and finishing by means of sewing or display production with corrugated cardboard. Which is why we continuously expand our techniques and services around the point of sale.” As an UPDATE partner, GIGANT was also in charge of the excellent navigation of the booth signage at the photo & film salon in Berlin.