23.07.2017  •  Post NEWS


'Rebel for the street' CGI stills for the new FORD Mustang with Post production by RECOM for the Ford agency GTB

Produced together with Uli Heckmann once again were CGI stills for the new FORD Mustang. RECOM FARMHOUSE on the production :  “For the debut of the redesigned 2018 Mustang, the agency GTB booked Uli Heckmann once again to capture Ford’s flamboyant muscle car. Set around various hip LA neighborhoods, PCH and an old desert bridge, the campaign has a relaxed, editorial feel to it. Since the new model wasn’t available at the time of the shoot, a previous model was used in its place, which had to be replaced later with CGI. Sending along two guys from Recom Farmhouse's NY branch, we provided on-set CGI supervision, previsualization, HDR captures and retouching. Back in the studio, the team kept working closely together with the photographer and the agency via screen share sessions to produce the final artwork. Take a peek behind the scenes on our blog.