02.11.2017  •  Post NEWS


CGI & POSTPRODUCTION •  Punctum Images delivers a fully CG environment including modern museum buildings and a moat for the presentation of the SKODA CLEVER RANGE for Fallon Prague

The team from Punctum Images created the CG environment for the presentation of the SKODA CLEVER RANGE for Fallon Prague. "We developed the complex of modern museum buildings surrounded by water for the presentation of the Škoda Clever range. The challenge was to develop a coherent and realistic environment which will also be flexible enough to offer room for presentation of the entire range of cars. Our architect designed the set of the modern museum buildings with semi-transparent facades which create unusual light effects. On top of that, every piece of the architecture was designed to match with the visual language of the brand. The result is the CG environment which offers unlimited possibilities in numbers of views and camera angles as well as remarkable light conditions and atmosphere for the global presentation of the whole model range," the team based in Prague tells GoSee.

"The architecture is designed to match the visual language of the brand. That's the great advantage of CG locations in general – we are "building" custom architecture... It's flexible environment. It offers almost unlimited possibilities for presentation of the cars. Shooting list included shots with just one car but also shots with seven cars…" PUNCTUM IMAGES continues.

PUNCTUM IMAGES was in charge of architecture design with the support of their in-house architect. CGI and post production of the location / backplates were also realized by PUNCTUM IMAGES. Car rendering was taken care of by Fallon Prague. Creative responsibility on the agency side was Art Director Ales Kolaja.

Further works from the areas of CGI, Post, Cars, Creative Retouching are available directly via PUNCTUM IMAGES.