08.11.2017  •  Editorial NEWS


'Chamber of Wonders' - performative sculptures by Erwin Wurm, photographed in BERLIN NUMÉRO 3 with top model Anja Rubik by Michael HEMY c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS

For the latest issue of BERLIN NUMÉRO 3 titled 'Chamber of Wonders', Michael HEMY photographed the performative sculptures of Erwin Wurm. Casting was taken care of by CREARTVT c/o SHOTVIEW, with art direction by Goetz Offergeld. For thirty years, Erwin Wurm has been getting to the bottom of sculpture, often deeply and, at the same time, ironically. In 1990, the artist found a new form of expression with his 'Performative Sculptures' and coined a term, which the artist reserves for himself alone.