08.12.2017  •  Illustration NEWS


Gingerbread House 2017 exhibition in ARKDES – illustration by THE FELLOW DESIGNERS c/o AGENT BAUER

Created by THE FELLOW DESIGNERS c/o AGENT BAUER is the key motif of this year's gingerbread exhibition, on display at the Stockholm Architecture & Design Museum ARKDES thru the beginning of January.

"Gingerbread House 2017 is a different and aromatic exhibition of imaginative gingerbread houses. The theme is Boundless. It’s a competition where children, professional bakers, architects and amateurs create side by side. We have encouraged all bakers to challenge themselves and their gingerbread dough to reinterpret what a gingerbread house can be. The bakers, as always, have enjoyed complete freedom as to how they interpret the theme. This year, they have been advised to push the limits even further – to challenge themselves, convention and the material itself. Competitors are grouped into four categories: architects, designers and professional bakers, up to twelve-year-olds, and everyone else who bakes..."