13.12.2017  •  Editorial NEWS


'Clavicle Stories', captured at the art fair FRIEZE for a special in the NEW YORK TIMES by photographer Alexander COGGIN c/o MAKING PICTURES

"At this year’s Frieze Art Fair in London, which wrapped up on Sunday, Alexander Coggin assumed the role of an art-world anthropologist for an ongoing series of what he terms “clavicle studies.” As Coggin says: “An event like Frieze comes with a coded social hierarchy courting many archetypes: the Gallerist, the Artist, the Curator, the Collector, the Critic. Every tribe ascribes to a different dress code according to their position in the art/business paradigm.” By focusing only on the subject’s clavicle area, Coggin assembles a vivid collection of character clues, allowing the viewer’s imagination to fill in the rest," we learn from MAKING PICTURES.