06.02.2018  •  Photographers NEWS


Katy Otto photographs film posters for Director Carlos Vin Lopes and The Worldrooms production company plus the music video 'The devil you know' by Singer Kovacs including a cover for Warner Music

Berlin-based people photographer KATY OTTO realized poster motifs which were created as part of the film shoot by Director Carlos Vin Lopes and the film production company The Worldrooms with Jonathan Steinhardt. "Cooperation between Jonathan and Carlos goes back to 2015 and now consists of five productions. Plus, the production of a commercial is planned and scheduled for March. Working with Carlos is always something special because he tells his stories very aesthetically. During the shoots, he stages wonderful images and moods. Creating the posters according to his ideas is very easy for me because we speak the same language," photographer Katy Otto tells GoSee.

Katy was supported in realizing the poster motifs by cameraman Yuri Salvador, who was also responsible for the perfect light. Katy also photographed the accompanying images for the music video of singer Kovac's "The devil you know" in cooperation with The Worldrooms. Warner Music then used her motif for the cover of the single. Find more photos from the shoot by Katy here on GoSee and on her website.

About - Carlos Vin LopesMovie Director, Writer and Graphic Designer at The Worldrooms. He finished a Master's Degree and Meisterschüler in Visual Communication at Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee – Germany. He was a scholarship holder of the prestigious German institution DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst). He studied Architecture and Urbanism at the Federal University of Bahia – Brazil and graduated in Social Communication at Salvador University - Brazil.


Sweet Water of Memory (2015/2016) : The Memory is an editing room, we remember our past all the time from various possibilities and needs, we remember something, because we don’t want to forget, we remember something to understand who we are today and where we are going. The sense of normality of each person is based on what is stored in memory as a reference.

Strawberry Jam (2016/2017) : Mily in a contemplative moment, admiring the process of Vinzent in silence eating his breakfast, asks: “Can you fill my silence?”. The answer of the question begins with another question - “With words?”. Strawberry Jam is a movie about a beautiful exchange of ideas between the value of the silence and the value of the word.

Blind Data
(web series 2016) : In Blind Data two strangers get blindfolded in an experiment and fall into deep, but threatened love. Blind Data” is a series when two strangers (a German and a French person) meet and develop a relationship, without ever seeing each other, as they are required to be blindfolded at all times.

So it goes - Victory over the Sun (2015/2016): A fashion collaboration with Lena Chabrova and Kristina Huber

UP UP - Comey Web Series (2017/2018): Mali, Nico and Arthur live together, sharing an apartment in Berlin. They have something in common: all three are unemployed. But Mali has a idea to change this reality: creating their own business, or rather, a startup. The series will show step by step the journey of these three young adults, trying to bring a really crazy idea into reality.