11.04.2018  •  Fashion NEWS


RESERVED Spring campaign 2018 featuring the uber-sought-after Mckenna Hellam and male model Adrian Sahores - Director of the 30-sec. spot was Mateusz STANKIEWICZ c/o AFPHOTO



Director: Mateusz Stankiewicz c/o AFPhoto

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Watch Out Boys & Girls! RESERVED SPRING 2018 is out! RESRVED on their collection: "The first Spring edition of Reserved was created around the theme of modern classic inspirations-meet-1990s silhouette. The designers also drew from the aesthetics of the Orient and mixed them with sporty accents. The Spring 2018 collection features garments and accessories that can be mixed and matched in a multitude of ways, with statement pieces added to any look – such as fanny packs (so of the moment), dangle earrings or baseball caps.

In the upcoming season, Reserved customers will be wearing jackets with cut-outs, black suits, pants with side bands, sheer coats, denim skirts, tweed Chanel-inspired jackets, kimono-style tunics and floral-pattern dresses. The new collection plays with textures – hence the 3-D appliques on bomber jackets, sculpted structural ruffles and pleats in many elements of the women’s pieces. Another key feature of the new Reserved collection is its vivid color scheme – the designers ventured to add intense indigo, emerald green and citrus yellow to the color palette (built on the shades of black, white, navy blue and beige). They did not overlook the lilac – a strong color of the season, fitting perfectly with the cool pastel trend."

Thanks for the spot on the trendy young collection go to Mateusz STANKIEWICZ c/o AFPHOTO. In front of his camera stood the face of the season: model Mckenna Hellam. That's not all – at her side was no less sought-after counterpart, male model Adrian Sahores. Mateusz also photographed the campaign.

About – RESERVEDReserved is a fast fashion brand, pursuing in its collections the latest fashion trends. We respond very quickly to the needs of our customers by offering new models in our stores every week. The collections of Reserved are now available in 15 European countries and 5 countries in the Middle East. In total, we have a network of more than 450 shops, with flagship shops fashion capitals such as London, Berlin and Moscowreserved.com