17.04.2018  •  Advertising NEWS


'SYNSAM - Design by Bernadotte & Kylberg' the 20-sec. spot for the Swedish design cooperation by director & photographer Martin VALLIN c/o CAMERALINK


Synsam - Design by Bernadotte&Kylberg Director & Photographer Martin Vallin c/o CAMERALINK

Director: Martin Vallin c/o Cameralink

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Founded in 1968 as a merger of leading independent opticians, SYNSAM consists in 2018 of more than 185 stores in Sweden and around 500 in the Nordic region. The oldest shops can look back on more than a hundred years of experience in the field of looking - and looks for that matter. The latest spot for the SYMSAN coop with Bernadotte & Kylberg, the Swedish design duo founded in 2012 consisting of Oscar Kylberg and Prince Carl Philip Bernadotte, is the work of director & photographer Martin VALLIN c/o CAMERALINK.

About - SYNSAM COOP - ACETATE, NYLON AND TITANIUM. In 2018, Bernadotte & Kylberg aka  Oscar Kylberg and Carl Philip Bernadotte designed a collection of 9 unisex glass eyewear models for the leading optic retailer in the Nordics, Synsam. Looking at how we live our lives and how we use glasses, the design duo worked with new, sustainable materials in a mixed combination to create a collection where form and function interact. The collection is distinguished by smart forms and functions such as an innovative removable sun lens that in an easy way simplifies the user’s everyday life. The textures and colors are inspired by the Scandinavian nature such as the mountains, seas, forests, and the unique light. synsam.se