23.04.2018  •  Celebrity NEWS


'Imaginary Friends' – singer Dena in MUSIKEXPRESS, photos: Yannick SCHUETTE c/o FREDA+WOOLF

Berlin resident DENA is back with a brand new track. For the release of the new single 'Imaginary Friends', Yannick SCHUETTE c/o FREDA+WOOLF photographed singer Dena for MUSIKEXPRESS magazine. Styling came from Simon Winkelmüller, with hair & make-up by Eva Diekhoff c/o Bigoudi.

In 2013, DENA released her hit 'Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools' which united hip hop fans, electro fans and indie pop kids. Her debut album 'Flash' followed one year later. The lyrics of DENA's new piece are about issues which she has been dealing with for quite some time: "Imaginary Friends is about intense feelings that happen in one’s mind. It’s about longing for someone that communication tricks you to feel close to, but at the same time can make things even more distant. It’s about dealing with feelings, love, and intimacy within different versions of reality and their technical simulations. It’s also a song about the hope of love as a much needed protection."

More work by photographer Yannick Schütte, who commutes between Berlin and Vienna, is available via GoSee or directly from FREDA+WOOLF.