12.05.2018  •  Production NEWS


'It's a New Day For Cuba' 7 SEAS PRODUCTIONS just loves Cuba’s new image and produces a 16-page Louis Vuitton Special entitled 'Diary of a Dream' for GQ Germany with Brett Lloyd in picturesque Havana

7SEAS provides photo & video production services in Cuba, South America and southern France. Here on GoSee, they introduce their latest production for GQ Germany in Cuba: "This will be a historic year for Cuba as the island welcomes a new president, watches the economy continue to grow, and the Internet age finally arrives. Cuba is catching up!

Thanks to the influx of new money, Havana is now a cosmopolitan destination with boutique hotels, fun new bars and cafes as well as a burgeoning restaurant scene. 7 Seas Productions’ team on the ground know where all of the hot spots and best locations are, as the owners are typically a friend! Cuba is like that, and the city opens up when you are considered a local.

With all of the changes taking shape in Cuba, 7 Seas Productions watches closely and adapts to the new ways of working, just like they do with all of their South American production sites. International clients can leave the paperwork and visas to the 7 Seas team and remain focused on the bigger picture, getting the money shot! And it’s important to point out that they have never lost a crew member at customs!

Recently, 7 Seas Productions took GQ Germany to Havana for an exclusive fashion editorial for Louis Vuitton. The 16-page spread shot by British photographer Brett Lloyd appears in the latest issue of the magazine and features fashion favorite, Jonas Gloer.

So, who else has joined 7 Seas Productions in Cuba? Only some of the world’s most exciting brands and publications, including the likes of Hermès, Conleys, Bloomingdale’s, Marie Claire US and Grazia magazine to name a few. Want to be next? They are waiting for your call!"