05.05.2018  •  Advertising NEWS


CHANG BEER TV commercial by Visual Artist & Art Director Chatchanok WONNGVACHARA c/o WILDFOX RUNNING for Iris Bangkok

For CHANG BEER, Thai native Chatchanok WONNGVACHARA c/o WILDFOX RUNNING took care of illustration, visualization and concept design for the TV commercial 'Lamiat' (agency : Iris Bangkok, Production house : Phenomena Bangkok, Director : Satit Kalawantavanich, Animation team : YGGDrazil Group Co.,LTD, Illustrator : Chatchanok Wong).

"We want everyone who sees this ad, to look at their next Chang beer differently. Appreciating the La Miat that goes into every bottle which the story behind every bottle of Chang come from a delicate process and carefully selected ingredients for the best result. Idea: Nothing is more uniquely Thai than La Miat. So using hand-drawn, stop-motion animation, we want to bring the different elements of the Chang logo to life, to tell a story about the La Miat that goes into brewing Chang.

For this project I'm working as art director and visual artist illustrator. It's been a pleasure working with great people as a team. Together, we carried this project to the end and met the expectations of the client. Thank you "CHANG" for giving us the opportunity. Thank you production house team, animation team and also my junior illustrators team." Find more details on the project here, and more from Chatchanok via WILDFOXRUNNING.