15.05.2018  •  Agencies NEWS


Gallery Stock congratulates Simon Stock on receiving an award for his work 'Glencoe Aerial' at the 2018 PDN Photo Annual in the category Stock Photography

Glencoe Valley is considered the gateway to the Highlands and is not only one of most beautiful places in Scotland, it is also one of the most tragic. In the history of Scotland, the name Glencoe is inevitably associated with the massacre in 1692, when one clan betrayed the other and abused the right to hospitality which is to this day considered sacred in Scotland... Approaching Glencoe from the South, one crosses a high plateau until finally the A82 ascends the rugged mountains on both sides... This is where SIMON STOCK took the wonderful photo 'Glencoe Aerial', which just received an award at the PDN Photo Annual.

"Congratulations to Gallery Stock Artist Simon Stock on his inclusion in the 2018 PDN Photo Annual. His single image from an aerial project photographed in Scotland was selected for the Stock Photography category. Browse the winning image and additional work from Simon Stock on Gallery Stock – more than 1000 images for you to choose for your next campaign, sorted by availability, age, gender, number of people, ethnicity, concept, color... " Go & See! gallerystock.com

About - Simon Stock. After studying photography at Blackpool, Simon lost no time before he was undertaking commissions for many top advertising agencies, venturing to some of the most remote corners of the globe in search of striking imagery for prestigious clients worldwide. Most recently, Simon produced the world's largest automotive image, a 53 billion pixel shot of a Mulsanne on the Golden Gate Bridge for Bentley. He is also an established commercials director and started his career with a short film called ‘El Apprentice’, which was shot in Chile and shown at the LA Short Film Festival. He has directed commercials for the Discovery Channel, Mercedes, Toyota, Volvo, Wild Aid, Norfolk Southern Railway, ITV, and most recently, the 'Bleed for England’ spot for the Rugby World Cup. 

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