11.06.2018  •  Advertising NEWS


Spray Eau Thermale, XeraCalm, Tolérance Extrême... the AVÈNE Skincare campaign was produced by BAKER KENT; we have three motifs by photographer Betina Du Toit for you on GoSee

South African production company BAKER KENT supported production of the AVÈNE Skincare campaign with motifs photographed by French native Betina Du Toit in Cape Town. The commissioning agency was Ogilvy. Eau Thermale Avène is the main care product for sensitive skin. The basis of all products is the Avène spa water, which thanks to its extraordinary ingredients is particularly relaxing, soothing, and anti-inflammatory for the skin. The brand Eau Thermale Avène and the first products were developed in 1990, for which the namesake is the little French spa town of Avène. eau-thermale-avene.fr