04.07.2018  •  Advertising NEWS


'Wear a little piece of Art' - GOLDAIN Amsterdam inspired by photos from the Rijksmuseum & SUITE702 bed spreads photographed by Jaap VLIEGENTHART c/o SEVERIN WENDELER

Jaap VLIEGENTHART c/o SEVERIN WENDELER photographed designer pieces by GOLDAIN Amsterdam. Behind the artistic motifs are designers such as Hellen van Berkel, who take inspiration from paintings from the Golden Age, which are all exhibited in Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. Find more motifs on the GOLDAIN website.

For Dutch bedlinen label SUITE702 and the agency The Odd Shop from Amsterdam, Jaap VLIEGENTHART realized ad motifs. Find more details on the website of Jaap VLIEGENTHART and on SUITE702.com.