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Geiles Globales Gesicht - the provocative masks of Susanne Junker

“Geil” is a German word which is difficult for the rest of the world to understand – it either means amazingly fantastic, unbelievable, magnificent – or in more direct terms – from sexy to perversely pretty, basically sexually driven. This word was the concept behind Susanne Junker's latest photo project, which is currently being exhibited in Shanghai.

Following intense and perpetual make-up sittings, the artist realized 12 self-portraits, which symbolise both anonymous and cultural themes, as well as a silent protest.

In keeping with the tradition of Chinese opera, where characters are exclusively and perfectly personified through male actors, the masks are tightly connected to a specific role, an image or cultural theme. This is where the alluring contradiction lies: Susanne, the person behind the mask and the role is that of a young, self confident and attractive woman. The result interferes with what we take for granted visually – and not only in China.

Those that are familiar with Susanne’s work, will know that this isn’t her first project that deals with the depiction of roles. The photographer, who travels the world from her homes in Shanghai and Paris, wants to draw attention to the paradoxes of China’s struggling citizens.

Geiles Globales Gesicht (Grand Global Mask)

Photographs by  Susanne Junker.
Private view : September 10, 2008, 6pm
Dates : 8 - 28 September, Thurs - Sun 12 – 6pm
or by appointment. Call:1502 100 5047

Location : stage BACK
Room 301, 3F, Building 11,
696 Weihai Lu near Shanxi Lu
Shanghai, China

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