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BEST BUY •  317 and counting - Steven Meisel, producer of Italian Vogue covers, now as a book

Over the last 21 years, star photographer Steven Meisel consistently shot all of Italian Vogue's covers back to back. Thus, he crucially shaped the fashion magazine's image, as well as the Italians' internationally renowned unique style.

The new picture book “THREE HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN & COUNTING” documents all the cover shoots Steven has done for the international fashion bible's Italian issue from 1988 until the completion of the book in 2009. Hence, it offers 317 very convincing reasons to invest 49.00 Euro in the limited edition book right away.

And while we are still rejoicing over the publication of such an exceptional collection of pictures, Mr. Meisel continues to shoot further fashion series for the prestigious fashion magazine, happily working with German beauties too, such as KATRIN Thormann c/o GoSee Member SEEDS.

The exhibition pictures were taken in Hyères 2009 at the FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL DE MODE & DE PHOTOGRAPHIE, where the covers were shown from the 24th of April up to the 7th of June. We are, we admit, a tad late for the party, but a few copies are still available !

(covers for VOGUE ITALIA, 1988 - 2009 …)
Edited by Mallard / Janvier
Essay by Raphaëlle Stopin and Michel Mallard
Bilingual, English and French
Art Direction & Design by Michel Mallard Studio
400 Pages, 317 Pictures, Soft Cover
21 cm x 27.5 cm

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