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Niccolo Montanari presents you on GoSee: 'Kokosmos – Celebrating Space on Russia's Cosmonautics Day'; Friday, 12 April, is the date !

Kokosmos is a purely visual, experimental piece inspired by space and our fascination with the unknown. A surreal fantasy, aimed to extend our perception of reality by letting us wonder over the existence of a higher being and our connection with her. Shot in Moscow by the award-winning director and photographer Anna Radchenko, Kokosmos is a tribute to Russia’s infatuation with space.

Somewhere between a fashion film, a music piece and an experimental video, Kokosmos embraces reality and extends it through magical realism by visually answering the question: what if? The video is Radchenko’s first piece combining CGI with real footage, a direction that she is looking to explore with her future productions.

Kokosmos is a collaboration with model Yana Dobroliubova, recognized for her striking and ethereal looks which break away from traditional beauty standards. Inspired by Dobroliubova’s unearthly aesthetic, as well as by Japanese manga artist Shintaro Kago, Radchenko expresses our constant need to explore and search by focusing on the concept of the all-seeing eye.

The music and sound were custom made specifically for this piece. Collaborating with creative music and sound design duo Playhead, they worked with the London-based singer-songwriter Alyusha Chagrin to create an otherworldly sounding language to fit the scenario. Similarly, the choice of clothing and make-up is also meant to fit the post-soviet space theme; Radchenko brings in elements of folklore by specifically selecting Russian fashion designers and sticking to a neon color palette featuring bright shades of green and purple.

About - Anna Radchenko is an award-winning director and multidisciplinary artist from Moscow, who now resides in London. She specializes in short films, photography and art installations.
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'Collapsology' – the fashion film for Russian label BRIER WEAR by Director Daria Geller for you on GoSee

Collapsology is the latest work by award-winning Director Daria Geller, which was shot for the 2018 collection of Russian fashion label Brier. The film is the second video installment Geller has created for the brand in which she explores the relationship between self-destruction and love. The first one, Brier, won in the category Best Middle Eastern film at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2017.

With her latest work, Geller explores the theme of Collapsology – a term used to refer to the belief that civilization is destined to collapse. Interpreting this theme from her personal perspective and making it relatable by using relationships as an example, Collapsology reflects on men and women’s flair for self-sabotage.

In Collapsology, we are granted an insight into the thoughts of a man struggling to come to terms with the expectations others have of him. Feeling caged, trapped and filled with doubt, his crescendo of anxiety is reflected through the man’s internal monologue, visually expressed with quick bursts of emotionally charged shots, set against a dark color palette. In an ironic and comedic twist, his emotional distress comes to a halt the moment someone compliments his coat, a simple gesture capable of putting things into perspective and a way to return our focus back onto Brier’s designs.

Commenting on the film, Daria Geller added: “Collapsology describes a feeling that we are all too familiar with. The feeling of wanting to escape responsibility, concerned that those around you are going to be let down by you. But it’s also about having the realization that most of the pressure comes from within ourselves and remembering that all it takes to snap out of it are little acts of kindness”. GoSee :
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'Be Ready' – Fashion Film for the Milan Fashion Week S/S '19, presented on GoSee by fashion film curator Niccolo Montanari

Fashion film curator Niccolo Montanari sweetens up our day at GoSee with the film for theMilan Fashion Week...

"Milan-based production company The Blink Fish returns with the latest fashion film produced for the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (National Chamber of Italian Fashion). Shot to celebrate Milan Fashion Week S/S '19 in September 2018, Be Ready sees Ukrainian model Nastya Timos determined to be in top shape for the upcoming Milanese fashion season. Frantically trying on outfits, rehearsing for selfies and relentlessly working out, the result is a humorous and light-hearted interpretation of the excitement taking place during fashion week and the preparation involved.

As is customary for Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, Be Ready supports the local design scene by featuring a wide range of brands based in Italy, from emerging to more established, namely Arthur Arbesser, Gabriele Colangelo, GCDS, Giannico, Lucio Vanotti, Marco de Vincenzo, Paula Cademartori, Sara Battaglia, Stella Jean, and Vivetta.

The Blink Fish and Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana have been collaborating since 2016, developing an increasingly strong online presence with fresh and relevant video content with each fashion season. Some of their most recent works, such as Start the Buzz and Waiting Room, have been internationally recognized and selected by several film festivals, including Berlin Fashion Film Festival, Aesthetica Short Film Festival and the Muse Creative Awards."
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