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NICCOLO MONTANARI presents on GoSee : Tackling Ageism through Fashion Photography. GRANDMothers – a project by Anna Radchenko

NICCOLO MONTANARI presents us GRANDmothers by Anna Radchenko here on GoSee, which  is all about the question, “What if we could have kids later in life?”. Or “What if our grandparents had the choice of getting pregnant…?”. Embedded in a post-soviet aesthetic, GRANDMothers is about the social pressure of becoming a mother by a certain age in order to be considered valuable.

Cast with older models, GRANDMothers is not the first project in which Anna Radchenko deals with the topic of aging in contemporary culture. Inspired by her own mother, Radchenko published the fashion film ‘Silver Goddesses’ in 2017, in which she celebrates the beauty and spirit of aging. GRANDMothers is a continuation of this very discourse.

Artist’s statement : “I was thirty years old when I became a mother. This made me think about how in the USSR I would have been referred to as an “Old Mother” on my medical card. Which is crazy when you think about it. Childless women over the age of forty or fifty are often seen as purposeless and they are encouraged to embrace a more sedentary lifestyle. On the other hand, men are perceived as getting better with age. This mindset is particularly true to Russia, though still very much present all over the world.

GRANDMothers is a reflection on this. It holds an element of criticism, but it’s also a positive reminder of how far we’ve come in terms of being able to make our choices. By having projects such as GRANDMothers published and shared online, I want to make a difference in shifting our mindset and allowing us to perceive aging as something as valuable for women, as it is for men.”

Anna Radchenko is an award-winning, multidisciplinary artist from Moscow, who now resides in London. Her specializations are short films, photography and art installations.  Graduating with a distinction in MA Fashion Photography from the illustrious London College of Fashion, Radchenko’s films have been selected for the world’s major short film festivals including London, Berlin, Milan, Los Angeles and more. In terms of vision, she blends surreal ideas to create content that is both optically arresting and memorable. Radchenko is working on an ongoing art project entitled ‘Melancholy Rooms’, creating installations and photographs about contemporary social issues. Clients and publications include Vogue Italia, Nike, Hunger, Toni&Guy, Post Office, Eurosport, Vogue Arabia, Schön! and others.

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What are the chances? – NICCOLO MONTANARI presents you the director’s cut of the song ‘2 in a Million’ by Steve Aoki, Sting, and Shaed on GoSee

‘2 in a Million’ (director’s cut) is J.A. Moreno’s personal take on the official music video he directed for two-time Grammy-nominated DJ/Producer Steve Aoki, multiple award-winning musician Sting, and platinum-selling trio SHAED.

The video follows two dancers in one long shot, as they relay the feeling of falling in love and
being soulmates. Filmed in just thirty minutes at the end of the official shoot, Moreno’s cut focuses
on the dancers, seen only as silhouettes in the official version, and highlights their outstanding
technical skills and chemistry. Using the original choreography as a basis, Moreno’s direction
delivers a spontaneous, raw and emotionally engaging performance.

‘2 in a Million’ is the third collaboration with Steve Aoki. Commenting on it, Moreno states: “Working on this project was a dream. I had already worked on several projects with Steve Aoki, so I knew that we got on well. With ‘2 in a Million’, he gave me the chance to do what I love for a music legend like Sting.”

Though just 26 years old, the Spanish, LA-based director has worked with some of the top names
in the entertainment industry, including Paris Hilton, Andrés Calamaro and will.i.am. with his work
being selected internationally at events such as MTV Dance Australia, the Soundie Music Video Awards, Berlin Commercial, and the Aesthetica Short Film Festival.

Statement from the director: “I was so inspired both by the energy of the dancers as well as by the location – the United Palace theater in New York. It was challenging as we had to do everything in just thirty minutes (hence why the long shot), but it’s rare to have time to spare at the end of a shoot. I just had to do it.” Enjoy!
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‘The Comfort Zone’ by photographer and director Anna Radchenko – NICCOLO MONTANARI reflects on isolation and social distancing through photography

What does isolation mean to us? How do we feel about it once it’s imposed and our freedom is taken away? Torn between being a responsible member of society by staying at home and the feeling of losing our freedom of action, photographer and director Anna Radchenko visually explores the concept of isolation through a series of fashion-inspired photographs.

‘The Comfort Zone’ sees a number of models trapped in glass boxes in different environments. Radchenko reflects on how our homes – usually perceived as beautiful, safe havens to escape to – gradually begin to feel tighter around us. The longer we are forced to spend there, the more claustrophobic we feel. We gradually let go of ourselves and adapt to a new and distorted version of reality. Imprisoned, alienated and powerless, our homes become the extent of our world and freedom.

Radchenko comments on the series: “Although these photos were shot before the international lockdown, they’ve become even more relevant in the present landscape. Much of what we took for granted, including the freedom to leave our homes, go to work and meet people, has been replaced by a growing feeling of uncertainty and confinement. We find ourselves in an alternative reality, where we have to change our habits and some of our traits as we are spending so much time on our own.” Model Helen Mitinskaya was styled by Kirill Akimov, with hair by Marina Melentyeva and make-up by Darya Holodnyh.

About – Anna Radchenko is an award-winning director and multidisciplinary artist from Moscow, who now resides in London. Her specializations are short films, photography and art installations.
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