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Rawness, Realness & Reconnect – we present you the DR. HAUSCHKA #effectivetogether spot featuring GoSee friend Nina Klein, CEO of HMS specialist NINA KLEIN AGENCY

Dr. Hauschka – that stands for certified organic and natural cosmetics for the face, body and soul as well as make-up for holistic care and cosmetic treatment. For the new series #effectivetogether, Nina Klein, namesake of the HMS agency NINA KLEIN AGENCY, stood in front of the camera of Lottermann & Fuentes, talking about her point of view, about women and emotional intelligence, her flow…

Brand founder Rudolf Hauschka (* 6 November, 1891, in Vienna; † 28 December, 1969, in Boll) was an Austrian chemist. He founded the anthroposophically oriented Wala Heilmittel GmbH in Bad Boll and developed what he referred to as the rhythmic manufacturing process. He founded the first WALA Laboratory in 1935 near Ludwigsburg as well as the WALA-Heilmittellaboratorium Dr. R. Hauschka OHG in 1953 together with further shareholders. The name WALA is derived from the initials of the processing method: Warmth – Ash – Light – Ash.

Nina Klein on the shoot : It was a pleasure to work with THE DUO Lottermann and Fuentes again, “effective together” since over a decade ...  Visit Dr. Hauschka on Instagram under @drhauschkalive, or GoSee : drhauschka.de
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