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NINA KLEIN AGENCY : JAGUAR EYEWEAR, SIEMENS, VW, DAIMLER, ADIDAS Superboost '19 campaign, ARTDECO, HARPER´S BAZAAR ROMANIA, Tom Kaulitz for Fashion Label ABOUT YOU, Diva, Grazia, L´Officiel Austria, and Caritas

NINA KLEIN AGENCY is delighted about several productions in the areas of advertising and fashion. Adelaida CUE BAER and Melanie SCHOENE c/o NINA KLEIN AGENCY produced the new campaign for JAGUAR EYEWEAR with photographer Anna Boxhammer c/o HILLE. Adelaida Cue Bär was responsible for styling of the new MULTIPOWER campaign. Martin Rusch c/o ALYSSA PIZER MGMT stood behind the camera.

Suni Hoffmann, special stylist for Advertising, has no less than three productions: she worked for clients such as SIEMENS, HUK COBURG and FEMIBION. Make-up artist Nadine THOMA produced with Cem Guenes c/o TOBIAS BOSCH for DAIMLER, and Jessica KLIMACH was responsible for styling of the new ADIDAS Superboost '19 campaign.

Hamburg-based stylist Jana KRENTZLIN styled Tom Kaulitz for fashion label ABOUT YOU. Behind the camera stood Lado Alexi c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN. Stylist Stefanie Klopf provided the perfect denim look for the CROSS JEANS campaign shoot. GNTM winner Stefanie Giesinger introduced the new MOY product line. Responsible for body paint was hair & make-up artist Ina Cierniak. Stefanie was photographed by Lina Tesch. Beauty specialist Mel MERCIER produced the ARTDECO campaign with Frauke Fischer c/o COSMOPOLA. Janina Zais was responsible for make-up in HARPER'S BAZAAR ROMANIA.

Dream team Jessica KLIMACH (styling) and Carolin Jarchow (hair & make-up) produced the new cover story for DIVA with fashion photographer Harling Darsell. Konstantin Spachis styled model and actor Jon Kortajarena for the male version of Madame, MONSIEUR.

Carolin Jarchow's hair & make-up for the perfect look at the fashion shoot for the latest issue of L'Officiel Austria, photographed by Sarah Kühl.

For BOA Magazine, Christiane GRAF staged exceptional bags from Gucci, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo, Chloé, Miu Miu, Fendi, and Balenciaga. Hair & make-up artist Linda Sigg worked with photographer Jette Stolte for Grazia's "Looks like a distant journey".

A new beauty work by NRW Dream Team Kerstin Huesges (hair & make-up) and Natalia Witschke (styling), photographed by Per Florian Appelgren, was published in Elle Thailand. Special Advertising Stylist Suni Hoffmann produced the new Caritas campaign with Berlin-based photographer Darius Ramazani.

Agency NINA KLEIN is expanding its collaboration with celebrities from the fashion industry, with agencies, photographers and art directors in its Instagram interviews. You can see them @inakleinagency # ninakleininterviews. Have a look !!!!
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The 25th annual Opera Gala of the German AIDS Foundation – Jessica KLIMACH c/o NINA KLEIN styled Laura Berlin and Gina Stiebitz for the SLEEK & AUDI cooperation; we have the spot for you in retrospect on GoSee

In November 2018, Berlin hosted the 25th edition of the annual Opera Gala of the German AIDS Foundation. To celebrate the occasion, SLEEK teamed up with AUDI Germany, the evening’s official sponsor, to document It girls Laura Berlin, star of the film 'Immenhof',  and Gina Stiebitz, star of Netflix’s smash hit series 'Dark', on their way to the glamorous event in the new AUDI A1 Sportback. Jessica KLIMACH c/o NINA KLEIN took care of the official black tie styling, and Director Arne Krugel documented the stars while they were getting ready for this very special evening...
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Nina Klein Artist Management : Beauty support & styling for ZEIT magazine, Tatjana Patitz for MADAME, Marie Claire, Aeyde, LESS A FAIR, Myself mag, Amica, Lala Berlin, Elle, QVEST, and new artists from Munich & Berlin

The agency is kicking off its 20th year with no less than four new entries: Team Munich is expanding with hair & make-up artists SARAH RABEL, VRONI EDER and stylist MIRIAM DIAZ, while Team Berlin is now supported by PATRICIA HECK for hair & make-up.

Hannah Godde styled for Zeit magazine – with photos shot by Daniel Feistenhauer. Hair & make-up artist Melanie Schoene was on a mission for AMICA with photographer Alexander Straulino, and hair & make-up artist Linda Sigg worked for AEYDE; the lookbook was photographed by Sascha Heintze.

Benjamin Becher was responsible for hair of top model Tatjana Patitz for MADAME, styling Konstantin Spachis. We present personal work on GoSee by Janina Zais with model Sandra Martens which was photographed by Marco Trunz. Stylist Adelaida Cue Baer teamed up with Jette Stolte to produce a beauty spread for ELLE CROATIA. For the new lookbook of fashion label LALA BERLIN, Jessica Klimach took care of styling, Carolin Jarchow was in charge of hair & make-up, and it was all photographed by Ulrike Rindermann.

The dream team made up of stylist Nicole Schneider and hair & make-up artist Benjamin Becher worked on a beauty spread for LESS A FAIR. For the story 'The Mystery lady' for MARIE CLAIRE Hong Kong, Melanie Schoene took care of make-up, with PJ Lam behind the camera. Appearing in the latest issue of QVEST was the spread entitled "Scandi Style", with styling by Miriam Diaz and hair & make-up by Vroni Eder.

Yet another personal work "Set The Tone" was photographed by Per Florian Appelgren, styled by Mascha Möller, with hair & make-up by Kerstin Huesges. Booked for MYSELF with photographer Kipling Phillips was Linda Sigg. Hamburg-based stylist Cathrin Sonntag presented a sensual jewelry spread, photographed by Nadia Del Dò.

Under #ninakleinagency, Nina Klein presents further work by its artists. Plus, don't miss the popular #ninakleininterviews.
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