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Oana Szekely kicks off 2019 with 'Colored Shadows' for HUF magazine, romantic jewels by VICKISARGE, plus cruelty-free for Imirage magazine

More fashion and beauty for 2019! That's the credo of Frankfurt-based photographer OANA SZEKELY who kicks off the new year with no less than three wonderful productions, with: the "Colored Shadows" beauty story for HUF magazine, a modern-romantic photo story about VICKISARGE luxury jewelry, and last but not least, cruelty-free cosmetics for Imirage magazine.
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'Glitter Tale' by Oana Szekely - visually soul-searching about the illusion of glitter, glamour and power

Photographer Oana Szekel realized the spread entitled 'Glitter Tale' in Cape Town : This work is essentially a message, a reflexion of responsibility. We need to rethink our relationship to the clothing we buy and wear. My focus is intentionally directed at the way we manufacture clothing and what it is made of – and what the that does to us. Power?

Clothing is often the first physical interface between ourselves and the world. Among all design objects, clothing is one of the most universal and intimate products we wear. Everyday and everywhere – everyone wears something different. What we wear can announce a loud identity, a status or prestige. Fashion helps us to express who we are and what we stand for. The works are colorfully and controversially illuminated. Sometimes it's necessary to provoke or initiate discussions, debates, questions about the status quo and, of course, also measures. And we always follow trends, and it is completely okay to have fun with fashion. But if we ask why? How much moral integrity does the clothing we wear have?

As a photographer, I get the chance to be touched by intense observation. For me it is important to create photos which stand for something. I see it as my responsibility to make way for positive change. I love the world, people, animals and nature. They are our greatest source of inspiration. I would like to treat all of them with respect while keeping in mind our morals, empathy and values."

Oana was supported by hair & makeup artist Melissa van Zyl and Mel Rigby, stylist Irina Wins, models Nkosazana S, Aretha N and Curtis Cornwall (collaborators: Birdonwire,, 20MANAGEMENT.CO.ZA, Photohire, secondtimearroundza, Annies Wardrobe & The Prophouse Cape Town).
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OANA SZEKELY photographs musicians Vincent Weiss and Lina Maly, track athlete Gesa Krause & the 'The Simple Club founders for ON magazine

On commission for the WDV Group and in cooperation with the White Rabbit World agency from Cologne, photographer OANA SZEKELY traveled up and down Germany to shoot prominent citizens of today for ON magazine of the Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse, or AOK for short.

Successful German pop singer Vincent Weiss, whose song 'An Wunder' toppled the charts hitting No. 1, was photographed by OANA SZEKELY in Stuttgart. Born in Eutin, he lives in Berlin and consistently pursues her career – the latest highlight of which is the award she received at ECHO in Spring 2018 as 'Newcomer National'.

She met singer and musician Lina Maly in Hamburg, track athlete Gesa Krause, and the founders of the learning platform 'The Simple Club', Alexander Giesecke and Nicolai Schork, were photographed in Frankfurt.
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