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news | Dominik Obertreis : photographs the corporate image pool for IT service provider msg as well as employee portraits for Franz Fahl Perforated Plates GmbH on commission for the agency WFP3

IT service provider msg is the industry specialist in the areas of automotive, banking, food, insurance, life science & healthcare, the public sector, telecommunications & media, travel as well as logistics. How do you depict these services? By showing committed employees on the job. Photographer DOMINIK OBERTREIS was visibly thrilled – about how natural and uninhibited the staff acted in front of his camera on the one hand, and about the beautiful rooms and good spirit throughout the company on the other. The result is an eclectic corporate image pool under the creative direction of Martin Tafel from the agency Tafel with colleagues in Düsseldorf. GoSee:

The company msg was founded on 31 January, 1980, by Hans Zehetmaier, Herbert Enzbrenner and Pius Pflügler. The msg Group has since grown to employ more the 7000. GoSee:

For the more than 100-year-old Westfalian FAHL Perforated Plates GMBH, Dominik delved into a different world. Family-owned now in the...

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