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news | DOMINIK OBERTREIS : On the road for green electricity supplier ENTEGA and the agency Personalwerk, tumor research for oncology research company INDIVIDUMED, and a corporate image pool for the shoe and lifestyle industry

The ENTEGA Group is one of the leading energy and infrastructure service providers in Germany and one of the largest suppliers of green electricity and climate-neutral natural gas. Together with the agency Personalwerk (CD Hendrik Frey), Dominik photographed the new ad series, just the way he likes it – with authentic and pleasant employees acting in front of the camera as if they did so every day.

For global oncology research company INDIVIDUMED, Dominik had the pleasure of expanding the corporate image pool with several new motifs. INDIVIDUMED maintains the worldwide largest biobank of tumor tissue and annotated data to support cancer research and the development of new diagnostic techniques and therapies for cancer conditions.

The Rhenoflex Group in Ludwigshafen also commissioned Dominik with new motifs for a corporate image pool. Rhenoflex, a very simpatico company, is the world leading supplier of reinforcement materials and develops, produces and distributes solutions for the...

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