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DOMINIK OBERTREIS photographs portraits and reportages for the world market leader in electronics wholesale SONEPAR in the US and Mexico

For electronics wholesaler SONEPAR, headquartered in Paris, DOMINIK OBERTREIS has travelled several countries and continents. This time, he had the honor of capturing the Sonepar way of life in the USA and Mexico.

The challenge was to visit five stores in Salt Lake City, Dallas and Mexico within five days and to find the most significant content, the most interesting perspectives and suitable employees and customers. It was only possible because his journalistic experience and intuitive, spontaneous approach always enable him to come up with a comprehensive reportage in just a short time. Which is why he also succeeded this time in working on the big Sonepar picture about the heart of Sonepar – its staffers. The many beautiful encounters he had with the great people and employees and their smiles were a great gift for him.
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Dominik Obertreis : Shoots for Siemens Mobility with M&C SAATCHI, BOSCH personal marketing for the agency Milch & Zucker and KrampeHarex with Cyclos Design

Not too long ago, it was quite an adventure to journey from one side of the Alps to the other. Today on the other hand, the journey is safe and convenient by means of the Gotthard tunnel – thanks to the Siemens Mobility solutions for tunnel safety and fire protection. A boy, geared with the kit of Superman and a researcher sits in a train looking forward to adventure, but he is quickly disappointed because its actually boring. The idea came from M&C SAATCHI with Max Pazak in creation.

'Let’s be remarkable'  is the guiding principal of BOSCH's personal marketing. Bosch teams working in high-tech fields welcome potential new coworkers with inviting gestures. Dominik was again excited about how natural the employees were in front of the camera. The agency behind it was Milch & Zucker with Creative Director Susanne Bruska.

Dominik was just excited about the congenial company KrampeHarex in Hamm. The manufacture steel fibers and blasting agents and wanted new imagery for their brand identity. This shoot was supported by Cyclos Design with Christina Dilger in creation.
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Dominik Obertreis : Employee portraits and corporate photos for ROBATHERM, WILO, GREEN ENERGY, IMMOLEAGUE, and DIEHL

For his long-year client ROBATHERM, Dominik had the honor of photographing lots of nice and committed young employees for the career website.

WILO, a leading manufacturer of pumps and pump systems for heating, cooling, and AC technology as well as water supply systems, commissioned Dominik to create employee photos for different uses in France. CD Michael Osche from the agency Gramm was responsible for creation.

For GREEN ENERGY, Dominik was once again on a mission to photograph a modern biogas plant. The shoot was supported by Laura Schonmaker from the agency Dievision.

The team from ImmoLeague Ag, a successful realtor was in front of Dominik's camera in Switzerland. The result is a series for the new campaign under the executive of Sabine Szabó from 447acht Kommunikation + design ag.

Technical building equipment Firma Diehl, which Dominik was able to illustrate. The agency behind it was CLAUSEN+REITSMA GmbH with Thomas Bullinger in charge of creation.
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