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OFFENBLENDE : ‘Reflections of Truth’ – a fashion film project with twins Azza and Azama Bashir from Berlin’s Friedrichstadt Palast, realized by Daniel Lathwesen and Bastian Kempf in front of the International Congress Center, Berlin

In September, film and photo agency Offenblende produced its second fashion film in cooperation with BOLD PR Berlin and Izaio Models. Responsible for the concept, styling and directing the film was Daniel Lathwesen. Camera work, co-directing and editing were taken care of by Offenblende artist Bastian Kempf.

For the film shoot, they were able to get famous dancers Azza and Azama Bashir from Berlin’s Friedrichstadt Palast on board. The twins come from Canada, and following their training as artists in New York, moved to Berlin where they have stood on Germany’s biggest revue stage now for seven years.

For the title design and the visual effects, Offenblende artist Richard Tintelnot joined the team. The film was shot in front of the silver-gray aluminum facade of the International Congress Center on the west side of Berlin and the subway station there. Enya Elstern, actress and daughter of popular TV & radio presenter Frank Elstner, supported the project with her striking voice. Recording, sound design and mix were all done at Kraatz Studios Berlin.
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Bar catering concept – Tim c/o OFFENBLENDE photographs a lifestyle spread for Berlin’s premium bitter soda specialist THOMAS HENRY

At the end of September 2020, OFFENBLENDE photographer Tim photographed a lifestyle spread for THOMAS HENRY. Since 2010, the name Thomas Henry has stood for a young German company and its assortment of premium bitter sodas. With the produced motifs, the company presents its new bar catering concept, enabling consumers to put together their very own bar and have it delivered for their private event. Namesake Thomas Henry, born in 1734 and a lifetime pharmacists in Manchester, is considered one of the first manufacturers of mineral water and sodas.

The campaign was produced at Gebrüder Fritz GmbH in Berlin. Thomas Henry is using the motifs for communication on the website, social media as well as across PR and various marketing channels. GoSee : thomas-henry.de
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Experience the world of the stars – OFFENBLENDE produces the 2020 campaign for MADAME TUSSAUDS Berlin

For the German branch of famous British wax museum MADAME TUSSAUDS in Berlin, the agency OFFENBLENDE produced the 2020 campaign which appeared just a few weeks ago. The total of six motifs were photographed by OFFENBLENDE Art Director Daniel Lathwesen.

Since the production was not supposed to interfere with the daily opening hours for the public, the motifs were shot at night when the location in the heart of Berlin was closed. Flown in directly from London for the production were three representatives of the Tussauds Marketing department. Casting was taken care of by modeling agency Splendide in cooperation with OFFENBLENDE. Responsible for hair, make-up and styling were OFFENBLENDE artists Sandra Flöther and Laure Tinette. Post production was taken care of by London-based TWELVE AGENCY.

The famous wax museum Madame Tussauds has branches meanwhile all over the world. It exhibits lifelike wax replicas of figures and persons of contemporary history, such as athletes, actors, musicians, politicians, models, and scientists.

Founder of the museum was Strassburg native Marie Tussaud (maiden name: Grosholtz), also known as Madame Tussaud. She learned her trade already at the early age of seventeen from her mentor Philippe Curtius in Bern. After 1767, she lived in Paris where she became a private teacher for the sister of King Louis XVI. During the French Revolution, she made models of numerous prominent victims for the revolutionary museum. The heads of those executed were exhibited impaled on lances, but decomposed all too quickly. Which is why they were replaced by wax heads cast in death masks. As talented as Marie was, she was forced to create death masks of prominent victims of the guillotine, including King Louis XVI himself, his wife Marie Antoinette as well as revolutionaries Georges Danton and Maximilien de Robespierre.

When Marie’s uncle died in 1794, she inherited his collection of waxworks, which she expanded by the wax figures she created herself. With her exhibition, she travelled through Great Britain and Ireland for several years until 1802, when she exhibited her collection for the first time in London. Then in 1835, she opened her own museum for her exhibition together with her two sons at The Baker Street Bazaar located on Baker Street. She operated the wax museum until 1842. At the age of 81, she created a replica of herself as the last figure in the museum personally made by her. She then passed the museum down to her sons. Marie Tussaud died on 16 April, 1850, at the age of 88 and was never to see France again. Her final resting place is at the cemetery of St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in London’s Chelsea district.

In 1884, her grandson Joseph Randall moved the exhibition to its present location on Marylebone Road. GoSee : madametussauds.com
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