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news | 8X4 ‘Don’t stop Yourself’ campaign - photographed by JIM GRAMMING c/o Marlene Ohlsson Agency for +Knauss

Don’t stop yourself! In a radically new integrated campaign, we tell the true stories of extraordinary personalities and show how personalized deodorant protection helps you become who you truly are.

In the new ‘Don’t Stop Yourself’ campaign, deodorant brand 8X4 shows three brand ambassadors, who had to tackle real challenges in their lives: YouTube star Theo Vanity, longboard pro Deborah Keser and model Julius Gerhardt. The campaign was photographed by JIM GRAMMING c/o Marlene Ohlsson Agency for the lead agency +Knauss.

“Brand ambassadors Deborah, Theo and Julius each embody our ten fragrances and give courage to pursue personal dreams and goals in life. With their life stories, they demonstrate what 8X4 stands for: Don’t stop yourself. Theo, for example, is a man who likes make-up – and rebels openly against a world afraid of everything deemed “different”. Deborah has stood her ground as a longboarding pro in a male-dominated world and wants to motivate other women to show what...

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