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FLORIAN SCHUEPPEL c/o MARLENE OHLSSON photographed the HOBBY Caravan campaign for Jung von Matt.
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New photographer & filmmaker on board : Lennart RITSCHER c/o MARLENE OHLSSON

MARLENE OHLSSON welcomes photographer and filmmaker Lennart RITSCHER. 'We warmly welcome new people & lifestyle photographer and filmer LENNART RITSCHER from Hamburg. Right after school, LENNART RITSCHER started as a photographer’s assistant for one year. After a trip around the world, he finished his studies as a designer and art director. Finally, he followed his passion as a photographer and also developed his skills in filming. Today, traveling and experiencing different people and cultures is LENNART RITSCHER'S best source of inspiration.'
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JULES ESICK c/o MARLENE OHLSSON 'Little Karoo Kids' photographed in the Karoo desert in South Africa

The personal project 'Little Karoo Kids' was photographed by JULES ESICK c/o MARLENE OHLSSON in the Karoo Desert of South Africa.

JULES ESICK started out in information technology before he stepped into photography. His photographic style can be described as an emotional, documentary lifestyle. Whether a portrait, a landscape or even a still life, his approach is very sensual and intense.
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