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Paper Artist Ollanski studies nature for Handelsblatt magazine and designs a watch special with elaborate paper crafts and intricate set design

Paper Artist Ollanski studied nature for the latest issue of Handelsblatt magazine; so have a look at what happened: 'Delving deep into the study of nature for a Handelsblatt magazine luxury watch & jewelry special was one of my all-time favorite projects to work on – covering topics from minerals and corals to insects and crustacea. Thank go to Handelsblatt magazine and the fantastic team'

The watch spread was photographed by Ulrich Hartmann; paper craft & sets were in the hands of Ollanski with styling by Studio Stadelmann and art direction by Janina Kossmann. Producer/Photo Editor: Nicola Düpow, with retouch also by Ollanski.
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Political Posters – the illustrated editorial for the latest political topics by papercraft artist OLLANSKI and Studio069

Berlin-based papercraft specialist and illustrator OLLANSKI teamed up with designer Felix Kosok from Studio069 in Frankfurt/Main to create a small series of editorial illustrations which they have compiled under the title “Political Posters”. Need we say more? We'll tell you this much though on GoSee: The names of the works are 'Just a Game', 'Glyphosat', 'Fate', 'Tangled' & 'German Pragmatism'. Everything else is up to you and your imagination. The concept came from Felix Kosok, and it was all realized & photographed by the seasoned hands of OLLANSKI – aka Oliver Bieräugel.
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