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PEAK PRODUCTIONS : in snow and ice for the BMW 2015 xDrive campaign

For BMW, represented by Eva Scheermesser and Ines Seiler, Olaf Hauschutz teamed up with PEAK PRODUCTIONS and took it to the snowy glacier in Austria's beautiful Sölden to realize the BMW 2015 xDrive campaign. The frosty photos with the four-wheel drive in the lens flare of the sun are brought to you in GoSee's Transportation Special.
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Liechtensteinische Landesbank campaign for Ruf Lanz with support from PEAK PRODUCTIONS

In Switzerland's gorgeous Grindewald, Tobias Gromatzki c/o Solar und Fotografen photographed for Liechtensteinische Landesbank. PEAK PRODUCTIONS was responsible for production. Styling of the models was taken care of by Shirin Abbas c/o LIGANORD, with final hair & make-up touches by Vanessa Warkalla. The agency was Ruf Lanz.
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'Invest instead of closing' - the 2015 DEKA campaign with support from Peak Productions for Scholz & Friends Dusseldorf

For the client DEKA, Manu AGAH c/o Double T Photographers collaborated with Peak Productions and Scholz & Friends Dusseldorf to photograph the DEKA campaign 'Movement Instead of Standstill'. The entire campaign was staged in three days at Kurhaus Wiesbaden. Huidi Lauhoff was responsible for styling, while Ute Hildebeutel was in charge of  hair & make-up.
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