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Fashion & Beauty Models for my Pop-Up Studio, Berlin-Nikolassee in June 2019.
photoberlino pop-up studio

year: 2019
month: June/Juni
von-bis/periode/days: beginning Monday: 17th - 30th of June/Juni
hours: 18.30h - 22h
14 models needed
1 or 2 models each day!
bring: 1 T-Shirt white, 1 dress of one color, 1 blouse, 1 Jeans, 1 skirt, 
1 jacket, 1 scarf, 5 Accessoires, 1 pair of high-heels, 1 pair of boots or oggs,
fashion-junk jewelery if possible.

there will be no brands!
we don´t have labels, only art!
communication through email only!
all languages spoken
one-on-one session
MUA and Hair...may be
no phone! 

c/o Farbenladen/Little Shop of Horrors: 
Fa. Hans Hunsicker
Prinz-Friedrich-Leopold-Str. 6
14129 Berlin-Nikolassee

Fotograf: Peer Hunsicker, Master of Arts, Art in Context, UdK

seeking amateur or up-and-coming fashion models: 
beautiful face / schlank / ab 163cm / no tattoo 

TFP, no pay, you get 3 images printed/no digital, you can use the images for a portfolio or lookbook,
you will waive all rights to the images, you have to sign a legal contract.
The photographer is the image right holder, not the model.

Art direction for me means the total control of what appears on the theater of the page. In what form, shape or color will elements enliven the screen or monitor. The most important aspect of fashion is emotion, so creating a unique atmosphere on location is the key ingredient of an outstanding recipe for visual uniqueness in terms of authentic originality. Let the graphics interplay with the concept of the shoot. Let models find their moods, let make-up and hair combine and enhance it.

Do you want a dark image or a bright lit one and what impact may that design decision have on the spectator? The play with the deviation from expected norms is achieved by surprising compositional arrangements on the page, screen or monitor. What makes this interplay of analog or digital visuals so exciting is the adventure of the experiment. I am an ex-temporiser working with line, color and texture drawings. To make fashion visuals even more striking, I have my personal perception as a guide for invention.

Gestalt, shadows, shape line and fragile silhouettes fascinate because the female form is inherently seducing the eyes of spectators. Transforming the usual perception with the metamorphoses of Gestalt principles ground the visual experiment in individual human perception processes.

This is the result of creation when new forms evolve out of old. Courage is what you need to break the rules, but without risk visuals stay bland. Make it bold! Make it colorful or do the opposite: drain the color out of the image. But in any case stay true to your instincts. If you trust your taste people will notice it and will follow your personal vision as an art director.

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