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‘Duel’ – Kali LEUZZI c/o PERFECTPROPS styles for NASTY magazine, photos by Arnaud Ele

“Every shoot is an encounter, an action on a specific moment, a scene. I aim to disrupt the poses of the person in front of me, from the natural to the unreal. I push the model to its boundaries to create a move or a series of movement to capture. It is like a geography of the body; let the body create its inner sculpture.”  says photographer Arnaud Ele, represented by GoSee member Cosmopola, about his method of shooting. We present you his spread here for NASTY magazine. Models Rafaela Bosi and Alice Oberhag were styled by KALI LEUZZI c/o PERFECTPROPS. Art direction was in the hands of Laura Knoops.

About – NASTY. The dusky side of arts and fashion. Nasty showcases fashion, art and culture with a radical attitude. More than hundreds of talented artists, fashion designers and photographers have already been published on these pages, contributing with their visions to create a unique essay on the true heart of the contemporary aesthetic. Certain things are inter-connected. Nothing is predictable. The patterns of life have gone haywire. 99% of the world is a global soup. We want to challenge the ready-made lifestyle materials. But our anxieties have anxieties. While our thoughts want to change direction. And our minds could never return to their original dimensions. Because we do not like everything, and we support a hierarchy of values. But the demand is to be clear. And the temptation is to be obscure. Nasty is our way of delineation and your modern visual consciousness. GoSee:
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‘The Spirit of Pearls’ – Stefanie SCHWAIGER c/o PERFECTPROPS styles the GELLNER S/S 2020 campaign, photographed by Andrea D'Aquino

Since the beginning of time, pearls have inspired the imagination and won over hearts. That’s the Spirit of Pearls – that’s GELLNER. #thespiritofpearls... The history of the Gellner jewelry workshop is marked by a love of cultured pearls and a fascination with their extraordinary magic; a love to which it has always been faithful. Today, Jorg Gellner heads the company founded by his parents, Heinz and Tove Gellner, in 1967 in the second generation. Andrea D'Aquino photographed the GELLNER S/S 2020 campaign; at his side was stylist Stefanie SCHWAIGER c/o PERFECTPROPS. GoSee:
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What does it take to be an MVP ? - Styling of the PUBG MOBILE spot by Madlen UHLEMANN c/o PERFECTPROPS

“Know your positions and prepare your arms.” Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (or PUBG for short) is a multi-player shooter developed and distributed by Bluehole Studio PUBG Corporation. The principle of the game is based on the Japanese film and manga ‘Battle Royale’: Players jump out of a plane with a parachute and land on a remote island. There, they try to survive as long as possible. Alone, as a duo or four-member squad, players fight against up to 100 other players using a variety of weapons, vehicles, clothing and other equipment available on the island. A round usually lasts about 30 minutes, but varies according to the skill level of the different players and the randomly available equipment.

The game is a worldwide success: Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds topped the world record of Dota 2, at around 1.3 million on 17 September, 2017. Player numbers have continuously increased ever since. The new record is now 3,236,027 active players at the same time since Steam has been publishing statistics.

Paul Furminger directed the spot for PUBG MOBILE. Styling: Madlen UHLEMANN c/o PERFECTPROPS. GoSee:
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