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News // 18 News by Peter Schreiber Photodesign

Next Level – PETER SCHREIBER PHOTODESIGN goes on a trip around the world with the PORSCHE Taycan for RAMP Mag #51 in Munich’s super-innovative Hyperbowl Studio

PETER SCHREIBER is the very first photographer to have the honor of realizing a spread at Hyperbowl Studio* Munich with the latest technology for RAMP #51 magazine. Thanks to the incredible range of the PORSCHE Taycan and with the aid of the most modern LED tech at the Hyperbowl Studio, it was possible to take a pretty laid-back trip around the globe in just a day – including a precision landing on Mars. Peter Schreiber : “Thank you to everyone who helped, in other words, Maground, Hyperbowl, NSYNK, Acht, and of course, ramp magazine!” To be continued ....

ABOUT – HYPERBOWL. The DISNEY series “THE MANDALORIAN” opened the door to a new era of filmmaking. The revolutionary technology from HOLLYWOOD is now available in Munich. In a virtual production studio, the traditional green screen is replaced by an enormous LED that displays virtual worlds and lights the set. Showing the scene in real time from the camera perspective, the LED becomes a window into worlds where anything is possible. GoSee : bowl.studio
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PETER SCHREIBER stages Nastya Belochkina light as a feather in the richly contrasted HANRO Fall/Winter campaign

PETER SCHREIBER photographed once again for HANRO, the premium brand for finest quality underwear, nightwear and loungewear. In front of his camera stood model Nastya Belochkina. In his latest production, Peter plays once more with the contrast between the soft material and the angular plexiglass windows.

“And when beautiful Nastya isn’t busy floating, then the lengths of material around her are. Responsible for set construction in this HANRO production was again Beatrice Schüll. It was all realized in FGV Schmiedle Studio where they have the largest rig truss system in Munich,” Peter tells GoSee.

The perfect styles were put together by Adelaida Cue Bär, and on set for hair & make-up was Eva Dieckhoff c/o BIGOUDI.

Nastya Belochkina, who lives in Moscow, was scouted by the Director from Metro Models Zurich. Soon to follow were stays in Japan, Milan and Paris as well as appearances in Vogue Russia, Vogue Brazil, Grazia Italy, L’Officiel Russia, Marie Claire (France & Russia), Numero (Russia & Tokyo). She is loved for her short bob by clients from Douglas to Hanro, and keeps herself fit with martial arts.
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PETER SCHREIBER : Zero Gravity – trend shoot for HANRO LINGERIE on the topic of floating and weightlessness

Floating and weightlessness are the topics at HANRO. Inspired by the sparkle and uniqueness of precious stones, the focus is on ever-changing colors and contrast of shiny and matte materials. The latest trend shoot for HANRO was photographed by PETER SCHREIBER. The production was realized in cooperation with set designer Beatrice Schüll at FGV Schmiedle Studios . “Using the ‘heavy rocks’ as a counterpart to the floating beauty (Nastya from Modelwerk), we created an interesting contrast between the soft and perfect quality of Hanro Lingerie and the raw stones.”

HANRO is the global leader and premium brand for high-quality undergarments, nightwear and loungewear. Since it was founded in 1884 by Albert Handschin and Carl Ronus in Swiss Liestal, the company has stood for luxurious understatement, the finest quality and timeless style. Today, HANRO is represented in almost 50 countries at the best shopping addresses around the world.
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