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Analog/Digital & Televisor on a creative mission for Dublin Bus and Rothco, Dublin : 'Dublin Legends: Celebrating 30 Years of Dublin Bus Stories' – we have the animated campaign on GoSee

Analog/Digital & Televisor Studio teamed up to realize the campaign 'Dublin Legends: Celebrating 30 Years of Dublin Bus Stories'. “Our collaboration with Televisor studio is off to a great start! We’ve helped Dublin Bus to celebrate their 30 years of service by animating three of the Dublin Bus Stories for the “Dublin Legends” campaign.” Two more stories are available via ANALOG/DIGITAL “The Dance during the Blizzard” and “The Lost Table Tennis Bats”.

And meet the ANALOG/DIGITAL team at UPDATE17 on 6 October in Berlin.
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'Flowerbomb Bloom' by VIKTOR & ROLF - Paper Craft Artwork by Adrian & Gidi c/o ANALOG/DIGITAL

The new perfume 'Flowerbomb Bloom' by VIKTOR & ROLF is a flower explosion come to life with pomegranate, patchouli and musk. A breeze of a fresh-air molecule from the mountains makes this eau de toilet a surealistic flower bouquet. Papercraft Duo ADRIAN & GIDI c/o ANALOG/DIGITAL stylishly staged the flacon.
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ANALOG/DIGITAL now represent animation and post production specialists Televisor Studio, the reel for you on GoSee

ANALOG/DIGITAL now represents TELEVISOR STUDIO worldwide. "Televisor studio is our latest addition to the roster of animation and film post production specialists. Founded in 2007 by a group of passionate individuals from different worlds who have been able to bring their creativity and enthusiasm to the table and marry it with professionalism and expertise. They are a team of designers, art directors, 3D specialists and VFX artists who believe all their projects are powerful, provocative and visually distinctive. They sincerely enjoy the work they do! Watch their latest reel here on GoSee and see what they’re capable of!"
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