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'How are you doing?' The campaign for the Pro Mente Sana Foundation with artwork by Simon Danaher (3D/CGI) c/o Analog/Digital for Havas Switzerland

Analog/Digital and Simon Danaher (3D/CGI) were on a mission for the Pro Mente Sana Foundation (Creative Director: Patrick Beeli, Art Director: Willi Oberhänsli, Art Buyer: Ilonka Galliard, post production: Iza Zembrzuska, photographer: Schaub Stierli Photography). Founded in 1978, the Pro Mente Sana Foundation dedicates its efforts to the mentally ill in Switzerland. The campaign advocates the destigmatization of mental illness and encourages active engagement in mental health.
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Honda Brazil 'Magic Seat' 3D commercial by Big Studios c/o ANALOG/DIGITAL

Big Studios c/o ANALOG/DIGITAL realized the new 3D commercial "Magic Seat" for HONDA BRAZIL. The creative studio on the work: "Our biggest challenge so far for Honda Brazil. A fully animated spot showcasing their incredible technology, all in the name of well-being. A very delicate piece for which we had the honor of creating the script and producing all animation..." 'Magic Seat' was a rewarding and challenging project at the same time. An extensive work involving a team of more than 50 professionals. In order to meet the complexity of the script, we had to follow the pipeline and pay attention to many details due the large number of locations and characters in the film. Clothing, color, hair, objects, nature, the city, the house, the restaurant, rain, the sunset; there were so many props that forced us to create realistic concepts with impeccable craft. It was not easy, but the result made us very proud and the customer extremely satisfied."
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BBC TWO ident trailer with papercraft and stop motion by Kijek/Adamski c/o ANALOG/DIGITAL (set design / animation)

ANALOG/DIGITAL presents new work by Kijek/Adamski on GoSee. Katarzyna Kijek and Przemysław Adamski are two talented filmmakers from Warsaw. They specialize in the production of stop-motion films, and their medium of choice is paper: "Kijek/Adamski directed and animated the new hypnotizing ident for BBC Two! Created the good old analog way, using papercraft and stop motion."

"We created this layered paper-crafted extravaganza as a new BBC Two ident. It was produced in collaboration with BBC Creative, Superunion and Strange Beast (Producer: Becky Perryman | Strange Beast)," the creative duo tells us. See the making-of on Behance.
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